Ancient Civilizations (Mesopotamia) Lesson 1

Step 1: Watch the video and answer the questions that follow. When you're done, submit the questions by clicking submit. Review before submitting because you will not be able to go back and edit. You will have the opportunity to review your score. 

Step 2: When you have finished the video, you will do an activity. Follow the directions under the video. 

Step 3: When you have completed the project, you will submit a one question survey/reflection. This will help you and the teacher understand what needs to be adjusted in the future.

Step 1: (Video and Questions)

Step 2: Activity

  1. You will work in groups to imagine an ancient mythological civilization and create artifacts and primary sources to represent it. You will trade their artifacts with another group. Each group will then become archaeologists, analyzing another group's artifacts for clues about its civilization's culture and way of life.
  2. You will pick four questions to answer about your fictional civilization. Then create an artifact or primary source to answer your question. It is up to you and your group to decide what the answer to the question will be. It will then be another groups job to play a role of an archaeologist and figure out the answer to your artifacts or primary sources. Keep your written answers with you, as they will be collected. Here are a list of questions you may use to create your artifacts. 

  • In what kind of climate does your civilization live?
  • Are they nomadic or do they stay in one location?
  • What do they eat? Do they hunt, gather, or farm?
  • How do they cook their food? How do they contain it?
  • How do they communicate? Do they have a written language?
  • Are they peaceful or war-like?
  • What kinds of rituals or ceremonies are important?
  • Do your people make art? What kinds?

When you're done, you will trade your artifacts with one another. Do not tell the other group your answers. See which group figure more artifacts correctly than the other. After each team has given their answers, you must disclose your pre-written answers so they can verify if they got it right or wrong. The teacher will be the referee for all groups.