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Positive and Negative

We often hear phrases like “stay away from negative people,” “surround yourself with positive people,” or “avoid people who will bring you down.” These are poetic and quaint phrases with good intentions but lacking one thing; clarity. It's not so much the people that need to be avoided, it's characteristics. People have several qualities, uniquely arranged, that offer a little to everyone. Secondly, much of the advice given, again with good intentions, is vague and not descriptive. Information is only valuable if it’s understood. Aside from clarity, the meaning is distorted. So it may not be the people that are negative, but the characteristics they present to you. We are all of different value to everyone and it’s primarily based on the characteristics we offer. So with a little evaluation, here are some descriptions people’s characteristics that will surely negatively impact you along with an additional list of characteristics which may impose some positive esteem in your life. These lists define apparent characteristics for clarity and avoidance of associating with them. Note that these characteristics may not be present when the person you’re interacting with is interacting with someone else. Everyone isn’t negative or positive the same to everyone. This doesn’t define a person. These are merely characteristics presented to you. This is solely for your own interaction. Furthermore, negative doesn’t mean bad, just not for you, and positive likewise. There’s no such thing as a completely positive or negative person, despite what media claims. That’s bullshit and a reason people are so divided against each other. The underlying notion is seeking out the individual and not the humanoid.

Characteristics of the Negative

1.Associate themselves with a group, race, religion, organization, team, etc. When someone identifies themselves as part of a group, they immediately surrender their beliefs and feelings to the sake of the group thereof and individuality is lost. Therefore, any opposition you have toward their “beliefs” will immediately result in conflict. Like anything in nature, clotting of anything is no good.

2.Uses popular vocabulary/phrases you hear on TV or internet. They’re using someone else’s words, which detracts thinking about the idea thus welcomes foolishness. They’re not thinking but repeating. There’s not a lot of life when the mind is dead.

3.Preaches hope/faith. If you can’t see it, it’s a guess or a dream, and excuses work, and the desire will eat your soul. They are excuse logic when it’s inconvenient thus being of no help to you.

4.Constantly have opinions with no explanation. Would you fly on a plane if someone merely says “I think it works because I know.” No, you’d need to see it. If you don’t, count your blessings.

5.Follows crowds and goes with the popular idea. The holocaust was successful because multitudes of people did what multitudes of people were doing. They followed the popular idea at the time. Get on the train because everyone else is. Boycott the Jews because everyone else is. Minus 6 million people later…

6.Extremely clean and indulgent in comfort. The body will turn to liquid shit if it doesn’t have germs and physical resistance to build strength. Hang around long enough and you will deteriorate too.

7.Mental make-ups of what’s right and wrong. They rely on others to determine how to think thus you’re not actually interacting with the person themselves. The secret is there is no right or wrong. You can prove this to yourself simply through empathy.

8.Starts a conversation by blaspheming someone else. This person will start a conversation with something along the lines of “they’re all morons.” If they’re so smart and everyone else is so dumb, exactly what are they doing there? And if they’re there to save the day, apparently they’re not doing a good job.

9.Mention the word Jesus (or any other religious figure) more than 300 times in a conversation. This should be self explanatory.

10.Really hot, gorgeous, young (20’s), beautiful women. This trait is emotionally deadly to both men and women. Men are too stupid to withstand compelling sexual forces, while for women this will result in envy and jealousy. Stay away! Happiness will never be found by any party involved.

11.Has a “me too” or “but did you ever” response. A relationship isn’t a competition or comparison of experiences, but sharing. When you share an experience or thought, and the other dismisses it with their experience, they’re taking away your individuality and eventually will look to steal your spotlight. If two people are struggling, neither can help the other.

12.Has 20/20 hindsight. This is the person who is so sure after the fact or the I told you so person. They are looking for some recognition by devaluing others. And if they make you aware that they knew before it happened, your devalue is their value.

Characteristics of the Positive

1. Ignores a phone call more than once during conversations with you. It’s pretty apparent they value your company. However, it is excusable if they interrupt a conversation for their family member.

2. Doesn’t immediately befriend you. This means there’s a ladder of respect to be earned. True friendships are built over time and experience, not a few words of declaration.

3. Waits for you to depart first. That means they’re willing to stay longer if you want/need to. Often times, people end interactions with another obligation. Someone who doesn’t have another obligation is a signal that you may be an obligation.

4. Doesn’t begin or end an interaction by asking you for a favor. It’s an implication that your presence is enough.

5. Doesn’t bargain with you. If something isn’t asked for in return, there’s a bit of genuineness there. Treasure it!

6. Argues with your idea without classifying you. This is normally found when arguing with a person and all of a sudden they accuse you of being associated with a group’s particular to it’s belief system, like a liberal or feminist. Anyone who stays on topic and doesn’t classify your thoughts is genuinely speaking to your mind. Another trait to treasure.

7. Has sarcastic humor with you. This may seem insulting at first, but the person actually has a trust that you are far more understanding than the appearance allows. Furthermore, they trust in your acceptance of their humor. This indicates comfort and acceptance of your presence.

8. Asks you open ended questions. Questions that don’t have a finite answer means thought is involved. Furthermore, if the questions you’re being asked is open ended, someone is interested in your thoughts. Your answers will generally let you define yourself.

9. Uses direct language. This is the person who may use some vulgarity for emphasis and gets to the point. They’re aware of the dangers of beating around the bush. If they are talking directly to you, that means they are paying attention to you. Also realize not everything will be pretty. We have to appreciate the reality in our lives.

10. Considers interacting outside of work, social drinking, drugs, dining, and other common events. These social recreations are too normal to inhibit any individual exchanges. People who are willing to do something outside of the social norm with you in particular have a vested interest in you and is something to be cherished.

11. Still talks to you after a break down. Not easy to explain, but they’re there after you’ve denounced something(s) Very commendable.

12. Yourself! The best way to put this “I” is first person. Your makeup, interests, thinking, and desires will define what’s positive for you. You can’t be afraid of yourself by being like someone else, regardless of what schools, TV, and others may tell you. You are the number one person to work towards positive surroundings.