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David's Editorials


If the American flag represents freedom, the pursuit of happiness, and patriotism, wouldn?t it also include slavery, genocide, and terrorism, as they are equally a part of our history? To free ourselves from European dictators we used genocide to exterminate Indians, terrorized Mexicans for their territories, and enslaved black people for profits. 

The cross Christians have come to symbolize in representing the execution of Christ was really just a form of Roman capital punishment. So by default, Jesus wasn't the only person who died on the cross. But the representation doesn't hold consistent to its meaning. If Jesus died for our sins in 1875, would we wear nooses around our necks, or in the 1920?s, would we kneel to electric chairs? What if his execution took place in 2015? Would we then use needles to represent our faith? 

The flag and the cross are major symbols that have been adopted, but there are more subtle ones that aren't quite as popular. You see these symbols on the front of corporative displays. You don't need to read "McDonald's" when two big yellow arches side by side will let you know what's being served. Why spell out "Honda" when a comic sans serif "H" is enough. And why even hint at a word with the representation of a letter. In 1971, Nike trademarked a "swoosh." Symbols, such as the swoosh, have undertaken it's own characteristics. Almost a new written language using characters. 

Letters have turned into symbols, like walk and don't walk have turned into a white man walking and an orange hand. But even the original words, such as walk or don't walk, which are bias against the handicapped, have been changed to bias symbols. Instead of walk and don't walk, shouldn't it be cross or don't cross? Also, why is the new symbol of a ?walk? sign a picture of a white man? Does that mean white men give us permission to proceed? Does the symbol only apply to people who can walk? How does a person on crutches interpret the sign? 

One pitfall symbols have produced is the lack of understanding. To the intelligent mind, seeing a symbol creates a detachment or a luring uncertainty because interpretation belongs to the knowledge and experience of the viewer. A model in a bikini will mean something different to a feminist female and a perverse male, as opposed to the word "bathing suit." There's an incomplete meaning given because the symbol incorporates a much broader visions than allowed by descriptive words. Thus, trying to relay a specific meaning through the exposure of several meanings at once is impossible. Impossible that every viewer will detract the same meaning that's intended. As microsoft word started intensifying it's usage of symbols, such as the picture of the floppy disc to save a document. Anyone born after the year 2000 may not relate that meaning as such. The symbol today should be a picture of a USB drive, or a picture of a cloud. However, the word "save" might me common to all generations. 

By the way, what?s the symbol for mentally handicapped people? We never see those symbols. Why haven?t license plates evolved to the usage of symbols or ?emoticons?? Most importantly, why have symbols dominated writing? Texting, emails, advertisements, and signs have now incorporated more symbols than text. Therefore, it's creating more confusion in communication, whereas plain words (not vague) with reference to solid ideas or objects would eliminate inaccurate interpretations. Are we seeing what we think or thinking what we see? 


I used to get upset, feel used, when someone would talk to me because they had no one else to talk to. If they got dissed by someone else they would come to me, or if they needed something, I'm the last resort. Then I realized something. When push comes to shove and situations are tight, we go to what we can trust; cling to a foundation. It's hard to find real people when you're going through some shit. So if people are going through some shit and they come to me, I think that's a sign they look at me as a real, trustworthy person; a foundation. Fuck words, those are actions, actions speak louder and when actions speak that to me, that's incredible. 


The fact that we have gone from abbreviating words like "attn" or "etc.," to abbreviating phrases like "idk," "lol," "lmk," and "smd," to abbreviating abbreviations like "k," might tell us a little something about ourselves.


Do you know how to kill an idea? Give somebody credit for the idea. Or at least, give someone credit for thinking of the idea. Then watch the idea decay and turn into how smart or dumb the person who said it is.


Anyone who turns against people they know for people they don't know, deserves to be shot. They're the real army for the ruling class. They will snitch you out when you do something against the establishment. And watch you get robbed (fined) or kidnapped (arrested) with dignity in leveraging even more power to those taking it from us. Supporting people they don't know, in exchange for people they do know. As Lorenzo told Colodero in a Bronx Tale, "you did a good thing, you did a good thing for a bad man." Nobody likes a rat, especially, the people who have to do something about it.



No matter the thousands of people I've met in my life, I feel like I've met like three people. It's always the same fucking person. "I'm tired," "I'm fine," "Life sucks," "Nothing" "Things could be better," "I need to hit the lottery," "I can't," "I need to get laid!" Does anyone have any distinguished interests? Is there any individuality left? Does anyone have a fucking spirit out there? Really, just about everyone I met has the same fucking thing to say. No wonder everyone's depressed and doesn't feel special. They take on the same old attitude. Anyone who would respond to a greeting with "I have a snot I need to pick, but I'm waiting for you to leave," is definitely a buried treasure, figuratively and literally.


The value of a job is based on the value of uniform requirements. Not safety gear, but a shirt that points out who you are. Doctors don't need uniforms, but nurses do. Teachers don't need uniforms, but cops do (except undercovers, but they need a badge). Truck drivers don't need uniforms, but the receivers do. The supervisor usually has to dress up, the worker doesn't. Usually, a skilled person, uneasily replaced, has less uniform requirements than people who can easily be replaced. I guess the uniform makes up the lack of pride in being useless. And as Al Bundy once said, "women like a man in uniform because he's been trained to obey orders and eat crap." 


In 2014, A black man (Barack Obama) instituted a policy that mandates everyone to retain health coverage. This means serving an institution, whether you like it or not, to avoid being fined, or imprisoned, to retain this coverage. A more sophisticated form of involuntary servitude, as written in the 13th Amendment. The ideas is better known as slavery. White people are continuously reminded that they're ancestors enslaved African Americans through the 19th century in the US. Now that an African American has imposed involuntary servitude, with non compliance resulting in loss of liberties, would it be wrong to blame all African Americans for slavery now, as well?


Why does anger have such a bad reputation? Like it's a bad state to be in. You'll often hear of it being referred to as a problem, or some type of management is needed to control it because it leads to self destruction or bad decisions. Why? Anger is a reaction to not getting what you deem life worthy. If someone kills a loved one, why wouldn't you be angry? If a teacher fails you for thinking you didn't try, why wouldn't you be angry? If you don't get anything that doesn't make you happy, why wouldn't you be angry? If you've ever been hurt, anger is the first reaction. Anger seems to be a defense to being hurt. It leads you to take action against being hurt. Why the fuck is that bad? How is that self-destructive. Perhaps, not getting angry and accepting defeat is self-destructive. Not getting angry may be a bad decision if any decision is made. Anger shows you care. Anger is a sign that you're alive and have a purpose. Murder or beating the shit out of somebody isn't necessarily a good result of anger, but actions that make authorities happy are treated as such and they seem to maintain their authority. Sounds like someone is stroking us with giving anger a bad reputation--"You need anger management!" Perhaps, someone doesn't want us to defend ourselves against misery so they're attempting to strip the first line of defense against it. If anything, anger is great. It's one of our lifelines of defense.


Did you ever notice that doing anything enjoyable puts money second. Well, unless you have to buy something for it, but other than that, money isn't at the forefront of the mind. It's just about doing whatever it is you enjoy, feeling good about whatever it is. And that is why, governments and corporations crack down, or sterilize, anything enjoyable. Really, everything is structured to a standard. There's even "No Trespassing" signs in public parks that are available for the public! It's not about safety, otherwise street corners would have more than walk and don't walk signs. Nope, it's about keeping motherfuckers with nothing else to do but showing up at those jobs. In order to control something, you have to know where it is. Remember, attendance is a huge factor in the workplace, even though, labor is replaceable. It's just a matter of you being there. And if you're not, they take it all away from you so you can't buy what you need to enjoy yourself. 


Why is it that the items that would be most valuable, fulfilling, or healthful the most expensive and out of reach? And why are the items that are of the least cheapest. Especially, if they don’t reflect the manufacturing process. A salad is $7.99 at McDonald’s you can get a hamburger for $2.99. Lettuce, vegetables are far easier and more healthful than manufacturing meat, cheese, dills, and bread, which is less healthful. Internet service is widely distributed and available almost everywhere. Why are there different fees or availabilities for service? Would it seem someone is using blackmale? Is someone holding these connections hostage and we’re paying ransoms? Why would people go out of their way to buy service lines and rent satellite property then charge everyone else for it? Just buy your own? It would probably economically be the same if you just rented your own. Why does a Nike logo cost more than a Reebok logo? Comparatively, the there’s more stitching required for a Reebok logo than a Nike logo. Ink and stitching seem to be the same. Speaking of logos, why is Osh Kosh B’Gosh jeans cheaper than Levi’s jeans? Exactly how is it cheaper to embed 5 letters compared to 10 letters? And in a contrary idea, why are drugs, medical care, and treatments thousands of dollars? Furthermore, corrode our health meanwhile a gym, fruits, vegetables, and physical activity are dirt cheap? Also, avoiding the medical industry and going to a gym will naturally improve your health. In 2016 you can burn fat for a $10000 liposuction job or for $20 a month going to a gym. Exactly who, or what, has devised our system of economics?


This is only for people who entertain religious superstition. Taking the Lord's name in vein is not blurting out "Jesus Christ" or "God Damn it!" For those who take the ten commandments literally, they were written before the English language; even prior to most languages. Secondly, vanity (vein) means "selfish purpose." Shouting out a religious name, at most, is a cry for help or disgruntlement. Why is it selfish to want to alleviate a problem? And lastly, but most importantly misunderstood, taking the Lord's name in vein was only mentioned because of people who used God's name to get their way-- "In the name of Jesus, I command you to get me water"--is an example of taking the Lord's name in vein, not--"Jesus Fucking Christ I want water." Taking the Lord's name in vein is only when someone tries to get their way using God's name. Churches, synogogues, mosques, cathedrals, and so forth may be greater examples of "taking the Lord's name in vein." Not someone who shouts out "God damn it" because they can't get their car to start.