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Dividing Whole People

The greatest secret never told is you. You are the secret someone doesn't want you to know. In today's day and age the notion seems mystical, redundant, and obsolete, and if portions, or most, of your life rely on an I-phone, it probably is. We've adopted dead, inanimate, material items and desires to take our place. However, bear with me for a few paragraphs and, at the very least, have the ability to use yourself as a back up tool, in the event of technological malfunctions. Or for a lesser reason than that, a few bits of hidden information, which is the reason you repeatedly have an emptiness that needs to be filled, but are not quite sure what it is. That emptiness is simply reliance. A part of you knows that your life is bent to the will of another physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. Knowing you have to do what someone else wants you to do in order to survive makes you incomplete. One of the worst feelings is knowing you have to do what you don't want to and you only feel good after it's done because you don't have to do it anymore, at least for the time being. However, words like "accomplishment," "success," and "achievement" cloud that with the illusion of fulfillment...someone else's fulfillment. I admit choices are limited, but the more you limit yourself to someone else's standards, the more your choices are limited. If you grasp what I'm saying, read on.   

When we cut our attention off from everything around us (close your eyes and cover your ears within a sheltered, unlit environment) you will notice something strange. That strange observance is existence. Even stranger, only your existence. If no one is around and nothing is in your sight, no sounds within range, and no physical stimulation (other than the floor touching your feet) something weird happens. You become aware of your mind. If your eyes are closed, you see yourself without physically seeing yourself. This is the mind, not a brain. The brain is just muscle tissue, but your mind is not something you can physically identify. Even stranger, if you recite a phrase in your head, without physically saying it, you will hear yourself, without hearing yourself physically. That voice is another part of you, however, not the physical you, the you in your mind. Maybe a past you or a future you, but you. You are communicating with you.

Aside from isolating the mind, we are also possessed by another weird encounter. This encounter is your impulses, energy, emotions, and overall feelings. You feel them in our body, particularly in the chest region. You may see a visual in your mind, but the overall feeling, whether joyful, depressing, or anger, is within a part of you that is not attached to your physical body or mind.Those feelings merely cause the body and mind to react. Those feelings that affect your mind and body is your spirit (soul). The spirit, which has no sound to be identified by, sight to be visualized by, no taste, touch, or smell, and not to get too deep, no actual words in any language that can explain them. You just know them. For a lack of a better term, those are your outer senses. 

For the sake of simplicity, a little meditation and you will find you are more than just a body with thoughts and feelings, you operate on the account of all three separately. Just like a business, they operate on the functions of hierarchy. The soul influences the mind to influence the body. To make the idea clearer, think of how stirred up emotions hurt your ability to reason, and if your ability to reason is affected, your body will do as a result of what's pent up in the mind. Such as a hurtful relationship break-up, your emotions become depressed, your mind looks for logical relief, and the body acts upon it. You might eat more, smoke more, drink, exercise, or in a lot of depressing cases, take your own life. Even something like being tired in the morning is a clear example. If you know you need to be somewhere, for what ever reason, your soul (emotional state) will activate the mind to formulate the action that's best for the soul and fight the body's fatigue for the sake of the soul. In a nutshell, the soul is the boss, the mind is the supervisor, and the body is the laborer. All three work together to run a! 

So what's the secret? Have you ever heard the phrase selling your soul? It's not a mystical man with pointy ears in a red cape and pitch fork who makes us an offer, it's really just separating ones soul from their mind and body to serve another beings purpose. For example, it often feels good when you are rewarded for something you worked hard for, whether a degree, well cooked meal, or a healthy body. Your mind trains the body to work at its success and the soul rewards with good feeling. How good does it feel when you put your mind and body to work but someone else's soul is rewarded? If you put a great deal of effort into doing a school project and others take credit, how does that feel? If you do amazing work that promotes a company's status, how does it feel that the company name gets recognition and not yours? If you're a cook in a restaurant, how does it feel that you have to pay to eat food that you made? Relate the idea to whatever is relevant in your life, but the feeling, surely isn't fulfilling. As a matter of fact, there's an empty feeling. That's the sale of the soul.

The empty feeling is there because there was an absence of the soul while the mind and the body was at service. Generally, no matter the task, the mind and the body will not function without approval from the soul. So in order to get someone to serve someone else's soul, they have to get the mind to listen to someone else. Get the mind to think it's serving the soul. How? Although difficult, the mind has to see something to serve, something to replace the guidance of the soul. Considering the soul is something we can't physically see, it has to be replaced with something we can't physically see. However, when it comes to the mind, logic is the dilemma, so it has to be something unseen and logical. There are many approaches to this. One thing the mind is entertained, strengthened, and stimulated by are sequences, patterns, and putting them together making stories with purpose. There has to be a sequential, patterned story that reflects a soulful purpose, especially that resemble, comfort, fulfillment, and purpose. This is where religion, patriotism, and belonging come in. As long as there is a consistent need to belong, feel accomplished, and overall, successful, these unseen, yet logically delivered ideas can temporarily replace the soul. At least just long enough for the soul buyer to get what they want.

To extend this "soul bluff," if you will, distractions are needed to occupy the mind from finding it's rightful owner, the soul. Entertainment, immediate fear, and responsibilities all prelude to the mind deception. Often times, when we're depressed, feeling low, empty, or just in complete bewilderment, the solution is turning on the TV. Many times, it also leads to doing something physical, not necessarily violent, but as simple as going for a walk, playing a game, or just going to a different setting. However, this is the last line of defense, the body. Before the soul is completely unprotected, the body needs to be controlled. This may be the simplest process. What we all know, and not from a text book, is that it doesn't take long for the body to get weak. It's very simple to get weak and unhealthy. Don't use it! The more it sits around the more it deteriorates. Obesity, disease, and lack of endurance are all a result of not physically moving enough and malnutrition. Solution, take the physical aspects of living out with technology. Technology is not rampant for the sake of human convenience, it's for the sake of weakening the body. Fine motor skills, strength, immunity, and even athleticism rapidly decline. Also the induced laziness makes it possible for people undertake the idea of letting someone else do the work so, in turn, there's less of a chance of regaining a conscious connection to your mind and soul.

Someone figured out not to annihilate the whole person at the same time, you do it in pieces. If you attack someone outright, or a group of people outright, it's obvious and there will be retaliation, which is not a victorious circumstance. But if you separate the mind, body, and soul, you now have separated your enemy within themselves. Furthermore, if you separate your enemies, they can't stand strong. They're weakened, leaving victory to a stable attacker. Strength comes from accomplishing your own deeds, where the result affects you, whether seeing your name, tasting your own food, or anything that results in your benefit. This also includes, your family, friends, and children, they are a part of you. If you haven't noticed, this is why school, media, books, and just about every form of entertainment always highlight the past, future, exceptions to situations, other problems far away from you, celebrities, and anything that doesn't involve you directly. The only items they may concentrate on that affect you directly are potential threats. The whole purpose is not to be informed, it's to keep you from thinking about yourself, so you don't realize how much of your soul, mind, and body are being exploited. So as long as you acknowledge someone else's purposes, and not your own, the mind is distracted, your body just remains unsupervised, and the soul is left defenseless, weakened, and at the mercy of someone else's actions. Something to think about if you get emotional over the win or loss of a sports team. You really have nothing to do with them, yet they have such an influence over you. The secret isn't dividing people against people, the secret is dividing you from you. 


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