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The Bullshit Dictionary

What came first, the word or the definition? There are a lot of words and phrases in the English language that we use having two or more definitions. They contain definitions from a dictionary that we refer to, definitions in how it's applied, and a lot of words are just vague with no clear meaning whatsoever. However, a word is no more than a bunch of enunciated letters and sounds that represent an idea. These words don't always present the ideas the dictionary defines them to be, leaving great confusion and uncertainty. This is the premise for our culture being so full of cognitive dissonance. So, in the interest of clarity, I offer you a list of words (phrases) we frequently read/hear and it's commonly applicable idea. English  has developed different languages within itself. It may very well be possible to be bilingual just knowing English. George Orwell defined this language as "New Speak." 


1. Learning how to cleverly disguise being full of shit. 

2. Mastering the ability to obey and execute orders without questions. 

Professional: The ability to unemotionally regard people as objects.

Successful: Striving to fulfill someone else's demands.

Maturity: The repression of one's true self, bending to the will of the corporate master.

Intelligence: Being able to point out the obvious.