THE BOOK OF DAVID...LIOTTA                                               LOVE TO LIVE AND LAUGH   



The media will show you someone with a bad life having a good day and someone with a good life having a bad day to make you think the reverse of their lives is true.

Why is it that people who are given authority to use violence are protected against violence? The police have more protection than a citizen.

Age is not a number, "Age" is clearly a word. "21" is a number. "Twenty-one" is a word.

History should be studied from the present backwards.

One thing every generation has in common is that they will follow the same Trend of the generation is going by. In every generation there is only few who will go against the trend.

All women are the same from puberty to menopause. 

The Bible says God worked 6 days to create the Earth and then on the 7th day he rested. Apparently he worked 6 days and never worked again.

When I was a kid I was around truckers and I was around teachers when I got older I became a trucker and I became a teacher I learned more from truckers than I ever learned from teachers.

Stupidity lends itself to describing actions that aren't essential to anyone or anything and the more stupid people we have the more excusable stupidity is. 

Medical research is an excuse to continue to disease humanity willfully. 

Someone who recites codes, ordinances, or laws of the state is an ignoramus. They haven't figured out how to figure things out for themselves. 

The more safe and cautious someone is the more of the hazard they are to everybody else.

Did you ever notice that no one gets cancer anymore everybody's been diagnosed. Doesn't it sound like somebody is giving it to them?

Being distracted as a sign of uncertainty.

Idiots will agree with anything that promotes pretentiousness. That's why they bond together in large groups.

Technology in and of itself is not bad it's the system it's under.

Saying that technology made people stupid is like saying that guns are the cause of people killing people.

Determining the cause of death of someone is completely meaningless. Death will come regardless. What exactly are you going to do about it?

The more weaknesses people have the more weapons that are available.

Language is a medium for actions and desires.

I wonder exactly how tough people would be if the government told us that the 3 little pigs were at large and, for our safety, needed to inspect our possessions, increase taxes, and add more police on the streets in search of them. Shit, we,ve already been hit with the threat of clowns, why not?

A fact is not based on what someone told you, it's based on what you can see and prove to someone else. In fact, the word fact isn't even a fact. It's definition derives from what a dictionary told you was the definition. However, the fact that the dictionary defines what a fact is, is a fact.

If a cops job is to protect us and our job is to follow the law or they arrest us, why when we?re endangered cops aren't punished? Doesn't that mean their not doing their job?

People don't like to be told what to do but if they aren't told what to do, they ask what to do. Maybe the person giving orders just needs to change up from time to time. When people want change against a pack of ruthless jerk-offs, they usually look up to another group of ruthless jack-offs, until they get sick of them. Then find another pack of hand jobs.

Any law that requires you to have a service that you have to pay for, like insurance, taxes, or vaccinations, is robbery, with delayed violence. If you don't believe it, refuse to buy, and watch men with guns come after you.

If religion was successful at anything, it was separating man from God.

Is it me or is anyone who validates their existence through someone else's actions pathetic?

I often wonder if during the holocaust, some man told his wife "Gee honey, maybe we shouldn't get on the train. It doesn't seem safe." And the woman told her husband, "oh don't be ridiculous, everyone else is doing it, stop being so paranoid!" And he replied "OK honey."

You know what sucks about knowing people, they argue with people they know (who may have their best interest at heart) and agree with complete strangers (people who could give a fuck less about them). A celebrity says buy a pair of sneakers, millions of purchases, Mom says by some vegetables and the kid comes home with a snickers and some Takis.

You know what breaks my heart, a really hot, gorgeous, beautiful, dyke.

You can't control anything if it's not organized and you can't organize unless it's the same. This includes controlling people.

The very idea of voting means somebodies going to get fucked and there's nothing they can do about it.

If racism does exist, does that mean there's a black guy out there who would genuinely prefer to fuck Whoopi Goldberg over Taylor Swift? Or a white guy who would fuck Rosie O?Donnell over Nicki Minaj?

When you're part of a group, you're worst enemy is always yourself because you have to fight yourself from being yourself, otherwise, you're not really a part of the group. (T.E.A.M.) Together Everyone Achieves Misery

The only real problems we have are problems with no solutions. If there's a solution than it's not a problem, not doing is the problem.

People should probably work together in not working together. Stop doing the same stupid shit together and separately do some intelligent shit.

If your job doesn't require you to treat people as objects, then you're not a professional.

Everyone knows how to do everyone else's job better than them, meanwhile always seem puzzled by their own job.

Guys are ungrateful for anything they didn't work for, including women but women always want something else.

Concentrate on satisfying everyone else except yourself, if you're not miserable, everyone else isn't satisfied.

If everyone agrees, it's very possible the opposite of what's agreed upon is true.

How valuable are opinions? If the wooden stick thinks it's the strongest, exactly what will it think when it meets the metal pipe? 

If it's my mind, my body, and my soul that's involved, there's no separating business and's personal!

The educated man will admit he's wrong with "that's interesting." The semi-educated man will reply "it's possible." An un-educated man's response to admitting he's wrong is "Fuck you!"

Education just means cleverly mastering the art of being full of shit.

The South lost the Civil War but slavery won it my friends. Black, white, and government isn't the issue, being afraid of someone else is. Pretentiousness, desperation, and fear will be our downfall, not a government.

Don't expect intelligence from anyone who uses the same words and phrases you always read and hear. That's not thinking, just repeating, and repeating doesn't take a lot of brains. 

Exactly what healthful advice can you take from a fat person?

Words are very enslaving. If you have a man or woman you love to be around, the word "wife" or "husband" takes away the freedom of the idea and confines it to forced to be with someone. Same when you identify a person by their job. "He's a teacher." All of a sudden all the qualities of a human being are erased then suddenly he's confined to the definition of a teacher. Words kill ideas so use as few as possible to get your point across.  

The education system, or "Pedagogy," will teach you the 3 P's... Purposeless, Pretentiousness, and Patronization.  

Laws from the State are designed to keep us in each others way.

How smart is it to get with the times if the times are destroying us?

The person who doesn't have to perform the task is the smarter one.

Safety is the absence of sense.

Someone who discusses right or wrong only sees themselves and lacks empathy. Nature relies on balance. 

Equality has become confused for receiving the same but not doing the same.

Many don't know what their beliefs are, they only know what they are to believe.