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The Bullshit Hunt


Posted on October 28, 2016 at 12:40 AM

Almost every job in the world has one common feature; it’s finished. What does it mean that the job is finished? It means that whatever it is that you’re doing at work has already been laid out. What ever actions that have to be carried out have already been determined. If you’re a customer service representative, proper phrase for clerk, your responses and phrases are already set. There’s references on how to respond, direct, or handle any dealings with a customer, and if there isn’t one, stay on the line, and you can be directed to someone else who has a set of directions that are ordained to handle the customer.


Understandably, the job of a clerk isn’t expected to include ingenuity, however, what about a doctor, lawyer, teacher, police officer, architect, salesman, dentist, or even a counselor? Are their jobs not done for them? Apparently so, each job has a reference guide for them to perform whatever actions their job requires them to carry out. Cops have a big book of laws, or maybe today, an internet reference, for crimes to approach. Lawyers obviously, have a reference guide; the laws. Doctors have their own google on how to diagnose and treat illness. Dentists already have the equipment so it must have already been thought out. Teachers have curriculums to teach, not their own, someone else’s. If you visit several salesman, eventually, you will realize you’re being told the same hunk of shit over and over, sometimes with a little change in word phrases and voice tones. What about counselors? If you pay attention to it, their analysis seems to always refer back to a common disorder such as, ADD, OCD, depression, anxiety, etc. And these disorders are mostly the result of the same causes, a lack of something. A lack of something that’s being withheld from you by a group of people. If you learn anything in elementary school, no one is just depressed by birth. That comes from constantly being denied by a higher power, and it’s overcome by learning to obey someone else’s rules.


Many will argue that some of the jobs mentioned take brains, but it would seem that it merely just takes “google.” Prior to today’s technology age, maybe a good library. How many times has a simple google search of a symptom prevented a $50 trip to the doctors office? You don’t really have to drag the police out to you to figure out what legal steps need to be taken in the event of a crime. And if you do drag them out, they’ll gladly fill out a report and hope for the best. Remember, it is unlawful to take any matters into your own hands. It wouldn’t be lawful for you to figure out what you’re perfectly capable of taking care of yourself. Same with doctors, it wouldn’t be legal for you to realize you can treat yourself, and most often, for a few dollars, as opposed to thousands. How else can health insurance be imposed if people weren’t bullshitted into diseasing themselves? Also, we shall not speak for ourselves. You must get a lawyer. It would be quite insulting to have so many Law School graduates to have wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on representing you on someone else’s made up laws. Furthermore, it would be quite pretentious to think you were smart enough to be able to defend yourself. Let someone else do it, don’t be selfish.


These are but a few common jobs that require no more than memorization and recital. The swifter mind will find a few creative ways of delivering their assigned tasks, which gives a little illusion to intelligence, but intelligence is ability to acquire knowledge and apply skills. That would mean the ability to figure things out, which, the job force doesn’t ask for. However, it does ask that you spend several years of your life studying about one task, and if you decide to do something, even slightly different, doing another several years of studying. Otherwise, you’re not qualified. Does that constitute acquiring knowledge and applying the skills? At the least, you will learn that if you don’t do what you’re told to do, you won’t be allowed to learn what you want someone else’s way. It seems that the work is finished, not yours, theirs, and your job is just to perform their finished work. Whoever “their” is. Arrivaderci creativity and individuality!


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