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The Bullshit Hunt


Posted on October 28, 2016 at 12:25 AM

“Media,” is possibly the greatest known weapon of mass deception, or at least tied with religion. It does deserve a little bit of isolated attention. Not so much on the bullshit media delivers but how it delivers bullshit. It is simultaneously simple and genius, and deserves a little recognition. The media runs on only a few premises. The first is making people think other people are thinking what they want them to think. One more time, making people think other people are thinking what they want them to think. You notice many stories begin with a reference to some public opinion or outcry. And of course, an opinion you were never asked about, but they seem to have asked everyone else. This creates the credibility factor and hides there biased attempt to impose what they want you to think.


Their second premise is to focus on the wrong issues of issues. In other words, highlight the meaningless bullshit. For example, if a building collapses, and people die, the story will be concentrated on the victims, families, and the responders. The crying and the playing with human emotion seem to keep attention. However, what’s done is done and we haven’t figured out a way to overcome death. So reporting it 9000 times isn’t helping anything. The real importance might be how to prevent a building collapse, how to identify problems that lead to a collapse, or just plainly, what can we learn not to make the same mistake. They do mention some things, but it’s not the concentration and deters any useful information. This method of highlighting unimportant parts actually keeps the media in business. As long as there’s no prevention, there’s always something to report. And of course, keeps the establishment rich with ignorant tools; those tools being us.


After highlighting the bullshit, comes a third, yet smaller premise, which is chiming on the exceptions instead of the norm. For example, you may hear a story about a man who strangled his wife, kidnapped the children, and drove into a river. It happens, however, it’s not the norm, it’s an exception. Every guy doesn’t do that. But you will hear that story around the clock, and see it in every newspaper. You will never hear about the guy who came home from work, talked to his kids and got screamed at by his wife for leaving the toilet seat up. That, my friends, is the norm. But focusing on the exceptions works wonders because hearing it over and over subconsciously embeds the idea that the world is full of crazy, bad people, which generates distrust, and a need for enforcement. Furthermore, a need to have a source to keep us updated on these exceptions.


A fourth premise they thrive on is presentation. If you’re reading this, you should have wondered by now, how it’s possible that news shows seem to find the dumbest possible fucking people possible to represent the public opinion. Interviewees always state the obvious and they’re always cut short of their next sentence. It’s by design. Again, the repetition, in this case of idiot speakers, will embed subconsciously. Remember that the media is owned by one source and each channel or any other outlet is simply just a different window looking out the same side of a building. There’s different angles, but the same view.


And lastly, the most sophisticated approach to controlling information, is simply distracting the viewers from the present. Pay attention to how may times there’s references to the past, what’s coming up, advertisements, sports, entertainment, weather, tributes and just side talk. There may be a grand total of 22 minutes worth of news in the whole hour when you take out all of the other irrelevant parts of the show. Combined with the premises just mentioned, you may get an actual 10 minutes of solid information. And that 10 minutes might have something to do with “now” compared to the other 50 minutes of bullshit. Media works hard to make sure citizens stay well uninformed so stay tuned.

By the way, I have one question…why exactly is it so important to “stay informed” on matters you don’t have a stake in? Could it be someone wants you to be informed on anything other than yourself?

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