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The Bullshit Hunt


Posted on October 28, 2016 at 12:25 AM

Am I the only one who finds this whole, wearing a glove while making someone’s food, insulting? I know, it’s a prevention against spreading germs and diseases. However, while watching the news, every other story seems to be about a potential disease or health threat. These gloves don’t seem to be working. It’s like putting a band-aid on a broken bone; it doesn’t work, leave it alone, it will heal itself. Like everything else in life, more exposure, the stronger; the body and every living thing is a self healing module. But that’s not why it’s degrading. 

Here’s my point. First off, the very idea about grabbing a pair of rubber gloves to make my sandwich, clearly implies that you’re assuming that I’m one of these pussified, germ freaks. I don’t like the stereotype. In that case, do you put your hands up every time a black person walks by, same difference. We’re not all pussies when it comes to bacteria and viruses. They’re the reason I rarely get sick now. 

Which brings me to my second reason, your helping to weaken and kill me. Our immune system has been so “sanitized” that every time we intake a germ, virus, or even a fucking spec of dirt, we’re at the hospital being diagnosed with what was once a cold, but is now cancer, because my immune system is shot from lack of exposure. Then there’s more medical bills, and more medicine to destroy the immune system even further. So theoretically, it’s a sophisticated form of murder, or at least attempted murder. 

And lastly, how the fuck do you put the gloves on your hands? With your hands! The hands you don’t want touching my food. So once again, epic fail. So scratch your balls, pick your nose, miss while you’re wiping your ass, we all do, and I’m fine with that. Fuck these pussies who think they’re too good for bacteria. But when you’re done, skip the gloves and make my sandwich! And please, throw some onions and garlic on there. Nature’s medicine is much more effective and cheaper than mans medicine. Thank you and come again.


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