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The Bullshit Hunt


Posted on October 28, 2016 at 12:25 AM

I saw something amusing on the show “Cops.” Cops responded to a guy who was in a store, causing a minor disturbance, screaming (if that’s a disturbance) about the ATM not giving him his money. Obviously, this wasn’t in the city, but one of those 12th Century, suburban towns in the Mid-West. However, The cops said he had to leave, and he carried on about his money lost. He took one step backwards, and the cops beat the ever living shit out of him, one cop stuck his knee in the back of his neck, the other cuffed him, and dragged him out, literally, to the cop car, and called that resisting. When they got to the car, the cops mashed him against the window pane of the car door. The man was screaming “Stop, get off of me, let me go!” and here was the cops’ response. “Sir, you need to calm down,” in a very monotone, sullen voice. What the fuck is that? They just beat the shit out of the guy, basically kidnapped him, vexed the guy, and then had the audacity to say “calm down.” And in case you’re wondering, this guy was white. However, why did I find this amusing? Because from childhood, these are the group of men that help us and uphold the law. Did you ever notice, that laws aren’t what maintain order, it’s the men with guns who enforce the laws that maintain order?


Did you ever ask yourself how cops are supposed to protect everyone, and keep order? If someone else is threatening you, they have to go against someone. And if they’re going against someone, they’re not protecting “everyone.” What if they’re looking for a suspect, and you fit the description, or you’re just black? Are they protecting you? And if they’re looking for a suspect, they did a pretty shitty job of protecting. Shit a suspect means, that a crime has been committed and wasn’t prevented, therefore they didn’t protect. And moreover, they’re now searching, so they have lost order. Isn’t order knowing where everything is?


And another thing, there’s something around 20,000 people for every one cop. Even worse, when there’s a crime scene, you’ll see 15 cops there, probably because it’s a union and unions need 15 people to do a one man job. If 15 cops are distracted with one incident, now there’s about 300,000 without police protection. Hopefully, a crime doesn’t occur within minutes of each other. I mean the terrorist plots are nicely spread out, time wise, so we always magically have dedicated Homeland Security agents available to capture another terrorist in a white turban and a beard.


There’s something else that’s a bit mind boggling. In NYC there’s a $10,000 reward for information about a “cop shot” but anyone else is just 555-TIPS…what the fuck is that? Cops carry guns too! Perhaps, it’s more important to protect the people that pose a threat to people. What exactly is the reward if a cop shoots someone else, better yet, is there even a reward posted? Seems like someone’s pulling our pricks about who’s really important, and who’s protecting who.


And there’s one last thing on this topic of cops that’s really bothersome. Police officers are not born that way, it’s a job pursuit with a hiring and  a training process. It’s a complete choice to be a cop. It isn’t much of a choice to be a race…However, Michael Jackson did find a way… This whole “lives matter” bullshit shouldn’t apply to cops, not even remotely. “Blacklivesmatter, alllivesmatter” is understandable, stupid, but understandable; but “bluelivesmatter?” Who the fuck was born blue? Who was born with a badge? 

This is a bit off topic, but regarding the "alllivesmatter" movement. If everything that has ever lived, died, and everything that is living will die, what matters? It's not the most sentimental thing to acknowledge, but we are going to die. And even more unstentimental is that after we die, nothing on this planet will matter to us. Even if reincarnation is valid, (a little illogical taking into account population increases), it will be a whole new set of matters, one of a new body and mind.

In any event, the soul purpose of the police and other enforcement agencies is just that; enforcement. They aren't their for service to us because we didn't make the rules they follow. They follow the orders of the state, and the state pays their salary, we don't. We pay taxes to the state, or more realistically, the state takes our money and gives it their causes. And with the help of the police, the state is able to practice customs which are not practicable by us. If we take someone against their will, trap them in a room, and don't let them go without paying a ransom, it's called kidnapping, holding hostage, and blackmale-criminal. On the other hand, if done by members of the state, it's called arresting, detaining, and bail-justice. If you hit someone, it's called assault. If a member of the state hits some one, it's called enforcement. If you take something that doesn't belong to you, it's called theft, but if a member of the state takes something from you, it's called confiscation. If you or I kill someone, it's called homicide (with sub categories like murder or manslaughter). If the state does it, it's called capital punishment.

These examples are precisely a concept known as double thought, coined by George Orwell, where believing something is right and wrong at the same time. If the phrase "actions speak louder than words" were ever more present, it can be identified with the police, military, secrity agencies, and any imposed dicatorships. Words carry a heavy wieght of relaying meaning, but the eyes and ears will always be more powerful. If one's willing to accept their ability to interpret as opposed to accept someone else's ability to use words, reality becomes more apparent. 

To conclude, every persons untimate goal and achievement is to be free and independent. And if people are free and independent, it becomes impossible for other people to use them. So the police, jails, and sytems are their to prevent freedom and independence so whoever holds economic control doesn't lose it. A police man feeds his family by making sure you follow the will of the corporate master. So they have the right to remain violent.


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