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The Bullshit Hunt


Posted on October 28, 2016 at 12:25 AM

Is the phrase “common sense isn’t all that common any more” getting annoying? As if it were ever a desirable reality to begin with. People use the phrase common sense to complain their own selfish needs aren’t being met, like when they’re cut off in traffic, it wasn’t you driving too slow or hesitating, it was the other guy just being in a rush; he’s stupid and has no common sense. “What the fuck, you don’t see me you fucking idiot!?”… Sure he saw you, if anything he used common sense to cut you off to prevent his ride from being slowed down. Shit “common sense,” got him in front of you. Have you no common sense?


Common sense, by definition, is “a basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge things that is shared by nearly, all people and can reasonably be expected of nearly, all people without need for debate.” Sounds solid, sounds understandable, appears to be meaningful, and the idea is complete bullshit, if the focus isn’t on something we all sense the same, not just one person or a few people. And a reasonable person might agree, we all have our basic senses both physical and metaphysical that are common. But what we do with those senses are not common and if they are, the list of things they’re used in common for is very limited. We all may see the same image, but everyone will see what the image can be used for differently, and that’s the greater point. Too much pretentiousness is levied into this phrase “common sense.”


For starters, let’s erase the inflated traditional value of Thomas Payne’s Pamphlet, “Common Sense.” If it was valid for anything it was moving for persuading people to move from the control of one group to the other. If it wasn’t, this wouldn’t be a topic you’re reading about. More importantly, something that’s continually failed to do, let’s examine the phrase. The adjective “common” describes something that mostly occurs, or is prevalent. Water is common in NY, water is not common in Death Valley. It’s not arguable, and even predictable. Senses will explain that without words. Even plants know that, that’s why they don’t grow out there. However, if someone might use sense to bring water to death valley, which would be having sense to understand piping a water flow from a water source. That’s not common sense, that’s fulfilling a personal purpose. Everyone isn’t doing that. But, knowing everyone isn’t doing that, is closer to common sense.


So when you put the words together, you have something that frequently occurs that everyone knows. It’s not that we all want the same thing. I could give a fuck less if water ever gets to Death Valley. It also doesn’t mean that we all should know the same thing either. Driving in NYC incorporates different uses of your senses than driving in the rest of the world. Almost all states have a sign that specify no turning on red, in NY it’s the opposite. If you’ve never been to NYC, how the fuck would you know that? That’s not common sense. That’s just exposure, and likewise a person being from NYC, waiting like a jackass, to make a right turn at a red light elsewhere. Exposure and what was learned… it has nothing to do with common sense!


There are things that we know we think all people should know, fine. That’s not common sense, that’s common knowledge. Sense is something you’re born with, knowledge is something you’re taught. There’s a distinction. Although it maybe a petty depiction of words, tossing around “common sense” reflects the very lack of common sense, the users of the term has. If common sense were anything at this point, it would be thinking everyone should think like and accommodate them. Common sense was written with the intention of us avoiding the control of other people’s standards, and that we’re capable of figuring shit out on our own. Now, people want to use the phrase “common sense” to control people by their own standards, accusing people of not being able to figure shit out on their own. That’s called controlling people, something we are commonly against, but commonly want to do. However, many don’t sense that’s what they’re doing. Perhaps, the appropriate term is “common senseless.”

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