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The Bullshit Hunt


Posted on October 28, 2016 at 12:20 AM

It may be a bit outrageous to say you shouldn’t care what other people think. If a person doesn’t like and thinks you’re complete asshole, and possibly wants to kill you there of…I’d be a little concerned what’s thought about me at that point. If you’ve ever been pulled over, or questioned about something you may or may have not done wrong, caring what the other person thinks is crucial. Especially, if there’s a penalty. Not caring what other people think is bullshit. Celebrity, politicians, or businessmen, teachers, and anyone who has to answer to someone was successful by caring what people think. However, that seems to be the problem. Not caring what meaningful people think, and especially, caring what people who don’t have meaning to you think.


People will sacrifice their self respect by doing things for people who have no respect for them to lose respect from people who already have respect for them. Someone will go to the police and confess the guilt of their friends, who trusted them to do the act with. Doesn’t seem worthy of respect. Many celebrities promote drugs, alcohol and sex, things a parent will tell their kids are bad, but the kid will resort to drugs, alcohol and sex…not too respectable. And not just to target kids, an agency of estranged people will declare it wrong to excessively hit your children. However, some kids excessively don’t listen, but the parents will oblige, spare the rod, and spoil the child. What respect does anyone owe to that?


What’s worse is that people that hold meaning to us, are treated as if they didn’t. How often does someone you already know, barite you for making a mistake as if you intended to fuck up? How often do you barite someone you know as if they intended to fuck up? Have you ever just met someone who made a mistake and are willing offer your help with no criticism? As a matter a fact, the more you know someone, the more intolerably dumber they get. When we don’t know someone, somehow, a high regard, with the expectation of “perfect” is set before them, in most cases. And slowly, as you acquaint, they slowly become more full of shit. Here’s the problem, we set the standards for them, and continually blame them for not meeting it. It’s so rambunctious, that we tend to judge a person based on their title, and not them. Trust me, Priests, teachers, and even school nerds want to get laid, get angry, and have shortcomings too. Our expectations, made by us, or told to us, either way, lead us to a depression blamed on someone else for, based on what we thought about them.


This whole, caring what people think bullshit, has been “overthunk!” The whole point is caring what the person who means something to you thinks, not what strangers say you ought to think. And usually, what you should think about other people, is set by people you don’t know…just turn on the TV or listen to a talk show on the radio. That’s the cause of depression, when conditions don’t meet what you thought they would. Yet another reality, disguised by the bullshit, to get people to think what they’re wanted to think.


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