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The Bullshit Hunt


Posted on October 28, 2016 at 12:20 AM

Graduation rates are interesting. Usually, the lower the graduation rate, the higher the crime, drug, and fertility rates. Are people who drop out of school only capable of violence, getting high, and fucking? Doesn’t sound realistic. Einstein didn’t go on shooting sprees. George Carlin didn’t have 16 kids. Apparently, Abraham Lincoln was a victim of violence. And that’s another thing, why are some self-educated and some drop outs? However, if there’s one thing they all have in common, they didn’t bend to the will of the corporate master, and that’s the larger point.


For starters, to attend school, you must be vaccinated. You can opt out, but you still have to take tests around others, so you’re still deemed a threat. Secondly, if you don’t attend, the consequences will destroy your whole family (no need for explanations, don’t send your kids to school and watch what happens). And lastly, schools distribute the most ridiculous, irrelevant assignments for us to complete. They serve no practical purpose in our daily lives. Tasks such as, understanding poetry in a world of legal language. Testing on what happened hundreds and thousands or years ago, but not now. Learning about split cells you would need a thousand dollar microscope to see, but not gardening that would just be a couple of bucks for a container and some seeds. And math with no numbers, what the fuck is that? But we do them!


The worst part of it all, we are all taught to think, act, and behave the same. After all, we are all being graded the same. We might complain, but do comply. Then made to feel proud for a handwritten, or typed piece of paper, with fancy, old-English text that says “Graduate” with a signature you can’t read, followed by an artificially, inflated title. I don’t exactly want the same mentality working on my car as working on my body. “These fucking intestines are in the way, pull them the fuck out, we’ll get new ones”…Fuck that!


Perhaps a more appropriate term for “Graduate” is “Achieved Conformist” because that’s what has actually happened. The person who went through school, surrendered all of their natural impulses in exchange for doing what they were told, thinking what they were told, and behaving as told. If we rid the euphemisms, a “Graduate” can simply be labeled as a “Fool” or “Stupid,” depending on how hard they worked for that degree. A fool doesn’t really know better, but someone who’s stupid, knows better and does otherwise.


So out of curiosity, are graduations rates really a mark of intelligence? Or, are graduation rates really a tally of how many foolish, stupid, conformist people are available to bend to the will of the corporate masters?


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