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The Bullshit Hunt

Looking for Heroes in all the Wrong Places

Posted on October 28, 2016 at 12:20 AM

In just about any classroom, news report, commemoration speech, public address, or even at a bar in conversation with a guy on his 9th shot of Jack Daniel’s, you’ll often be reminded that cops, firefighters and soldiers are heroes, risking their lives everyday. Bull-fucking-shit. Maybe at times they’re in a predicament that can be life threatening, well, so am I, often times by cops. Fuck that. They’re equipped. Soldiers, well, what exactly did you enlist in the military to do? Obviously not to plant pumpkins. Besides, most of the time they’re sitting around, patrolling, playing cards at the stationhouse, playing on their phones, filling out reports, or harassing the working man. Get the fuck out of here! Any person who willingly risks their life for the sake of another’s safety is a hero. It’s not a title, it’s an action. That belongs to individuals. If I save someone from a burning, 50 story building, I don’t want the deeds of my heroic act lumped together with the rest of the slackers who stood-by, occasionally asking “are you okay,” watching the show. That’s not fair. That’s like crediting the father for going through labor with the mother. And once again, they’re doing their job, and they have insurance for it.


I’m going to tell you who the real heroes are that are actually risking their lives for us. Those construction workers, dangling by harnesses, building those bridges, so we can go see our side chicks in a different city. Those are the guys risking their lives. Mineworkers, tunnel workers, building workers; they risk their live for us daily. What’s their defense against gravity? A measly, little bungee cord that can snap? An explosion, a tunnel collapse, or even falling debris?...a fucking safety helmet? Steal toe boots? I’m sorry, but a reflective vest doesn’t mean shit to an I beam falling from heights. Even road workers are due some respect. They don’t accomplish much, but a concrete divider or a plastic orange cone is no defense against a 65 MPH tractor trailer.


And another group I hate to mention; teachers. Some kids are fucking psycho! Not all of them, but a lot of them. That’s risking your life. Cops, military men, and firefighters? Fuck them, they have equipment. But teachers, fuck bringing a knife to gunfight, that’s like bringing a needle to a bomb fight. Those brainwashing nitwits do risk their lives to protect our kids. Can’t take that away from them.


It seems that praise for heroes is directed in a very wrongful direction. I do praise the people who actually do risk their lives for us everyday so I can sit in traffic over the Verrazano Bridge, looking at the real heroes, while listening to the radio announcers talking about all the artificial ones.


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