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Abusing Abuse

Posted on October 28, 2016 at 12:15 AM

Abuse is defined as the overuse of something that results in harm. Child Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, Drug Abuse, Domestic Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Police Abuse, are crimes in most cases…but only if it’s done by an individual. If it’s done by a group, like a corporation or government, then, not so much a crime, it’s justice.


Let’s start with child abuse, if a parent excessively hits, excessively degrades verbally, or even excessively fails to provide, it constitutes as a crime, punishable by law. The idea being, excessively putting them into an uncomfortable condition by threat or force. But if they are forced to go to a facility, to be around peers who may or may not be a threat, (Columbine ring a bell?), and made to do work that may or may not be useful, with the threat of being disciplined, or a failure, and testing them several times to make sure they’re meeting the standards forced upon them, is not abuse? What the fuck, a kid has to go through this 12 times and even more if they go to college. In fact, it’s punishable for parents if they don’t make their children follow through with “education.” So the parent can’t do the abusing only the system can?


Abuse doesn’t just lend itself to children but other family members as well. Excessively beating the shit out of your spouse is punishable as well. If someone else does it, it’s assault, but if an organization does it, like the police, it’s “maintaining order” or “detaining the suspect.” The conditions of abuse don’t seem to change, just the names of the condition.


How about drugs? If you overuse drugs, you are a drug abuser or an attic, in many cases punishable by law (who the fuck is law by the way?). Especially, if only supplied by one person. However, if you go to a group of suppliers, such as doctors or pharmacists, it’s quite acceptable, and in fact, if you are abusing “medication” you can get other medication to abuse to stop abuse of the your current medication. Once again, abuse only renders wrong if it’s done individually, not by the organization.


And lastly, on the subject of abuse, the state. If a common person has something against you, they may either assault you, rob you kidnap you, hold you hostage, maybe even at ransom, torture you, or possibly murder you. But when it’s a group of men, and there’s a charge against you, they may take action to restrain you, arrest you, possess your belongings, detain you, set a bail, interrogate you, and if agreed, sentence an execution. Hmmm, same ideas just different names.


I guess abuse isn’t associated with action, just the words. Perhaps it’s better to die due to “negligent homicide” instead of “murder in the second degree.” Perhaps it’s much safer to be “prescribed medication” than it is to be a “drug attic.” I guess it’s only right to be disciplined by my teacher rather than get the shit knocked out of me by my father. And it’s definitely appropriate for anyone who kidnaps and holds someone hostage at ransom to be arrested and detained with a set bail. But still, we need to worry about people who “abuse the system” and not people who receive “government aid.”


Oh, I forgot to mention sexual abuse. That one makes sense. It’s not right to touch anyone without permission. Unless of course, you’re a Priest, Officer, or any member of an established group. Then it’s not sexual abuse, it’s just a sex crime.


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