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The Bullshit Hunt


Posted on October 20, 2016 at 5:40 PM

What is this obsession with respecting people based on their titles? I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard “respect authority.” They say respect the police because they’re protecting our community. Last I checked, police rank just as high in murders as criminals. Secondly, they're not protecting anything if people are still victims of crimes. Maybe they investigate, maybe they note it, maybe they even capture someone after the fact, but sure is hell not protecting. Doesn’t protection mean prevention from harm. If people are still getting harmed, let alone by the police, someone’s not doing their job. . Actually, just going about daily business, such as driving, the police seem to be the biggest threat of being harmed. They are even validated by another group of people working together to control everyone, in kidnapping, or to be politically correct, “arresting you” and putting you into a cage or “facility,” making us the only species that puts its own species into a cage. Where the fuck is the respect in that?


Teachers are another group we’re taught to respect. For what? The jobs they do? Helping along the indoctrination of the young to obey a system that will eventually control their mind, body, and soul? If you have a job with a strict schedule, a handbook of rules, and set standards to follow that your livelihood depends on, this should be apparent. Next time you’re tired but force yourself to get up because you went to school for so many years, have loans to pay, and don’t want to have all that time wasted, consider it a hint. Some deserve respect, but not because they’re teachers. Individually, the actions of helping someone through difficult times isn’t rendered in teaching, that’s being human, and that lends itself to everyone. Also, there’s too much title inflation-teachers, educators, pedagogues, child mentors; how about institutional mentality enhancers? I think it’s more appropriate to say have mercy on anyone who gave up their souls to guide you into giving up yours. Assignments are ridiculous, irrelevant, and meaningless in most classrooms. But you may only pass his/her level if you bend to doing them. If not, try again, at least until you’re 21. Well, I’ll respect them until I’m 21 then.


Judges are another group of jerk-offs that are mandatorily respected. First off, if you don’t, there’s a little penalty called contempt of court, a euphemism for “held hostage.” Here’s the logic though, a man or a woman, or transgender, who has nothing to do with your life, wasn’t present in the situation being addressed, and probably no relation to the situation at hand, is made to determine your fate, based on the phrase “guilty of… “ Here’s a person who is taking charge of nature. Upholding laws made by people who need to control human behavior so it doesn’t interfere with their control experiments. Furthermore, a system which makes it a crime to take care of yourself based on the judgement of the person who would know best…yourself. Fuck them. What respect can they possibly deserve?


I’m not sure about the rest of the world, but in NYC bus drivers carry a 7 year imprisonment penalty if you touch them. Not teachers, not cops, not even clergymen…bus drivers. This doesn’t deserve an explanation. If it does, you’re probably a bus driver. All I can say is if you’re a bus driver, you had to pursue that job. You can’t be forced into getting a CDL, Passenger Endorsement, testing, and applying. Drive the bus and shut the fuck up! If you don’t like it, let me off here!


And this whole idea of respect lends itself to people you shouldn’t respect, like drug dealers. Why? You pay doctors to prescribe drugs that kill. They get paid well for it too. Shit, they treat cancer with the same thing that causes cancer; radiation! What the fuck is that? At least the drug lords don’t bullshit you into believing what they’re selling you is good for you. They’re pretty blunt (pardon the pun). And you don’t have to slave away for medical benefits to get them. And the only referral you need is a friend. I can respect that.


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