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The Bullshit Hunt


Posted on October 20, 2016 at 5:40 PM

Dear Older Generations,


Stop telling younger generations how much better you were! And stop blaming younger generations for your mistakes! First of all, who is responsible for raising them? Next here’s a few reasons YOU (the older) fucked up the younger generation.

-Who told you to have so many kids per family? Now we’re overpopulated.

-Who told you to be overly sanitized and weaken the functions of the immune system? Now we’re overrun with diseases and health costs.

-Who told you to surrender yourselves to unions, let them take care of you and run your life? Now entrepreneurship is impossible.

-Who told you to buy kids phones and gadgets? That’s why they’re fat and don’t go outside, they don’t know an alternative to electronics.

-Who told you to buy from and work for big corporations? Now everyone depends on them you’ve empowered them with your support!

-Who told you to keep paying regardless of price increases? Now there’s no alternatives.

-Who told you had to live by others expectation, instead of living by your own? Now everyone must bend to the will of “Expectations.”

-Lastly, who told you to do what everyone else was doing? Monkey see, monkey do, and then you criticize the young for doing that too.


PS. You’re heroes from your time were only political figures and entertainers, just like the heroes you criticize the young for having. They didn’t impact us at all. If they did, they helped prepare a fucked up road for succeeding generations. Look where we are now. You gave up your individuality in exchange for obedience to corporations/authorities. And thanks to you, every time the younger person tries to be themselves, they’re repressed because you laid the foundation for the establishment to rightfully bend everyone to their will. That’s the tradition you’ve passed down!


PPS: Just in case you wondered this is why your kids don’t respect you!


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