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The Bullshit Hunt


Posted on October 20, 2016 at 5:35 PM

“Stay in school if you want to be successful.” “If at first you don’t succeed, pick yourself up and try again.” “The best revenge is success.” The word success has been flaunted at the forefront of every business, education, and advertisement lingo ever created. “Success starts here!” “Setting our students up for a future of success!”…shut the fuck up. Success just means accomplishing a goal. If my goal has nothing to do with your school, business, or whatever bullshit institution your using to make money off me is, it’s obviously not success. Actually that would be failure, because your institution interfered with my goal that didn’t include you. Leave this word alone, the idea has lost it’s genuineness. Success doesn’t have to be a life altering goal, it could be as simple as buying a doughnut. You have a sugar craze, you want a doughnut, you buy a doughnut, you eat the doughnut, and voila, success! Some tasks are more difficult, such as getting to spend a night with a model, but nevertheless, not life altering, but a success. Everyone’s success is different, it’s not a standard. A skinny person will not find it successful to lose weight. A woman who has to pee will not find it successful to find a men’s urinal. Leave this word to the individual and stop standardizing success!


On the other hand, advertising cratons are not the only ones abusing the idea of success. Anyone who interprets success beyond the realm of their own interpretation, but someone else’s, is just as full of shit. All the “guys” who need a sports car because all of their macho friends have one, ruin the meaning of success. How brilliant is it to have the most expensive showcase, that costs more unnecessary labor than needed, just to get somewhere? If your goal is to get laid, work at that. A car won’t get you laid, it may help, but so do showers, exercise, and cologne from time to time. Hookers also provide great possibilities. If your goal is to show you make money, walk around with your paystubs, or even better, post them on social media sites, fuck it, get a tattoo that just says it plainly, “I make a lot of money.” Material items don’t advertise success, they advertise that you’re the success of the advertisers.


Women too, actually, women mostly. Success doesn’t glitter outside of you, it glitters inside of you. Stop helping everyone being bullshitted into believing that material goods indicate success. To guys, that just means you have bomb pussy worth paying for. That’s not success either, that’s genetics. Success isn’t based off of genetics. Being a woman wasn’t a success, that was the result of your birth. Your birth was only a success to your parents; maybe. However, if your goal is to be a guy and you get a sex change, that my friend, is success. Success applies to your goals, not acquiring what Victoria Secrets says is the popular items to have. Doing what someone else wants you to do is not success, that’s being their “bitch.”


So I want to leave off with success is a beautiful thing that can only be applied individually. Succeeding is truly something only you can do, which is, achieving a goal that only you set. If you achieve the goals others set for you, that’s conforming, not succeeding. If you have similar goals to others, well, then make sure you achieve your portion. There’s nothing wrong with helping, but helping and doing for, are often misconstrued as well. The main goal everyone has is to be happy. Happiness comes when you get what you want. Even more so when you work for it. If you get what you want, you succeed, then you’re happy. Doing something you don’t want to or forced into by anybody will leave you miserable, not happy, also opposite of successful. And I do mean anybody, parents teachers, friends, spouse, etc. Fuck them. Success is one of the only words who’s standard definition is your standard definition. And one other thing, your definition doesn’t apply to others either. Keep success where it belongs, to yourself.


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