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The Bullshit Hunt


Posted on October 28, 2016 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Terrorism is a huge problem in the world. However, not so much because of all the “terrorists” or people who commit acts of violence in the creation of fear to fulfill something, but the susceptibility. It’s so easy to terrorize anything, anyone, anywhere, and that’s the biggest problem. Even clowns are capable of doing so. For starters, think of all the susceptible places like, schools, bus...

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I saw something amusing on the show “Cops.” Cops responded to a guy who was in a store, causing a minor disturbance, screaming (if that’s a disturbance) about the ATM not giving him his money. Obviously, this wasn’t in the city, but one of those 12th Century, suburban towns in the Mid-West. However, The cops said he had to leave, and he carried on about his money lost. He took one step back...

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Abusing Abuse

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Abuse is defined as the overuse of something that results in harm. Child Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, Drug Abuse, Domestic Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Police Abuse, are crimes in most cases…but only if it’s done by an individual. If it’s done by a group, like a corporation or government, then, not so much a crime, it’s justice.


Let’s start with child abuse, if a parent excessively hits, excessively degrades verbally, or even excessively fails to provide, i...

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