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The Bullshit Hunt

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Almost every job in the world has one common feature; it’s finished. What does it mean that the job is finished? It means that whatever it is that you’re doing at work has already been laid out. What ever actions that have to be carried out have already been determined. If you’re a customer service representative, proper phrase for clerk, your responses and phrases are already set. There’s references on how to respond, direct, or handle any dealings with a customer, and if there isn’t one, stay on the line, and you can be directed to someone else who has a set of directions that are ordained to handle the customer.


Understandably, the job of a clerk isn’t expected to include ingenuity, however, what about a doctor, lawyer, teacher, police officer, architect, salesman, dentist, or even a counselor? Are their jobs not done for them? Apparently so, each job has a reference guide for them to perform whatever actions their job requires them to carry out. Cops have a big book of laws, or maybe today, an internet reference, for crimes to approach. Lawyers obviously, have a reference guide; the laws. Doctors have their own google on how to diagnose and treat illness. Dentists already have the equipment so it must have already been thought out. Teachers have curriculums to teach, not their own, someone else’s. If you visit several salesman, eventually, you will realize you’re being told the same hunk of shit over and over, sometimes with a little change in word phrases and voice tones. What about counselors? If you pay attention to it, their analysis seems to always refer back to a common disorder such as, ADD, OCD, depression, anxiety, etc. And these disorders are mostly the result of the same causes, a lack of something. A lack of something that’s being withheld from you by a group of people. If you learn anything in elementary school, no one is just depressed by birth. That comes from constantly being denied by a higher power, and it’s overcome by learning to obey someone else’s rules.


Many will argue that some of the jobs mentioned take brains, but it would seem that it merely just takes “google.” Prior to today’s technology age, maybe a good library. How many times has a simple google search of a symptom prevented a $50 trip to the doctors office? You don’t really have to drag the police out to you to figure out what legal steps need to be taken in the event of a crime. And if you do drag them out, they’ll gladly fill out a report and hope for the best. Remember, it is unlawful to take any matters into your own hands. It wouldn’t be lawful for you to figure out what you’re perfectly capable of taking care of yourself. Same with doctors, it wouldn’t be legal for you to realize you can treat yourself, and most often, for a few dollars, as opposed to thousands. How else can health insurance be imposed if people weren’t bullshitted into diseasing themselves? Also, we shall not speak for ourselves. You must get a lawyer. It would be quite insulting to have so many Law School graduates to have wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars on representing you on someone else’s made up laws. Furthermore, it would be quite pretentious to think you were smart enough to be able to defend yourself. Let someone else do it, don’t be selfish.


These are but a few common jobs that require no more than memorization and recital. The swifter mind will find a few creative ways of delivering their assigned tasks, which gives a little illusion to intelligence, but intelligence is ability to acquire knowledge and apply skills. That would mean the ability to figure things out, which, the job force doesn’t ask for. However, it does ask that you spend several years of your life studying about one task, and if you decide to do something, even slightly different, doing another several years of studying. Otherwise, you’re not qualified. Does that constitute acquiring knowledge and applying the skills? At the least, you will learn that if you don’t do what you’re told to do, you won’t be allowed to learn what you want someone else’s way. It seems that the work is finished, not yours, theirs, and your job is just to perform their finished work. Whoever “their” is. Arrivaderci creativity and individuality!



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What came first, the warning or the hazard? Honestly, some of the preventative warning suggestions that are made, I’ve never even thought of until it was told to me. Something like “keep out of reach of small children.” That never occurred to me until it was made clear that people might intentionally put something harmful to children within reach. “Harmful if swallowed” is another suggestion that I’ve never thought of trying. Usually, when I buy cleaning products, they’re not for swallowing, however, it would seem people have enjoyed a few glasses of windex. “Don’t drink and drive,” “avoid eye contact,” “don’t try this at home,” ”don’t take with alcohol or just “use caution when…” all seem a little ridiculous.


Why is the statement of unintended use necessary? Isn’t the consumption of the product alone indicate there’s an intended use? We don’t see labels on baseball bats saying “improper use can cause serious physical damage.” Flathead screwdrivers don’t have signs that say “may be deadly to living objects.” Why don’t kitchen knife sets indicate “fatal if disrespectful to spouse.” Theoretically, you can do some serious damage with a golf ball, however, doesn’t seem that way because there’s no warning to prompt it. And ironically, I haven’t thought of one, perhaps, because there’s no warning to prompt a thought.


On the other hand, if you’ve ever watched an advertisement for medications you can get from your doctor, the commercial is filled with more side and harmful effects that can be caused as a result of using it, as opposed to the benefits. “This product may cause itchiness, unwanted bowel movements, high blood pressure, thoughts of suicide, leprosy, and pneumonia so check with your doctor to see if this prescription is right for you.” It would seem that the warning, in this case, should be something good like “this may cause some temporary relief to an ill condition.” May I suggest a little salad and exercise?


If I were extremely paranoid, I would think that safety and warning signs are really a disguise for adding more ways of harming ourselves, excusably. As long as there’s a warning, it wasn’t really anybody’s fault but the user. Especially, if you don’t want to get arrested. Why buy a can of pepper spray when a bottle of windex can do the same job and serve another purpose, along with a justifiable aliby, as well? Another suspicion I have is that a lot of the harmful chemicals in products aren’t necessary, but they are added anyway. Exactly, why is there fluoride (rat poison) in toothpaste? Maybe it’s good for your teeth, but what about the rest of your body? It specifically warns to keep away from young children. I guess I just have some weird thoughts. However, I truly wonder if the warnings are written to prevent hazards as opposed to causing hazards. Signs like “slow down” on a highway intended for fast moving traffic doesn’t seem too safe to me. Slow down in front of a 65MPH tractor trailer just might prove this “warning” unsafe. And to top it off, the guy who gets hit from behind isn’t at fault, although, he was the cause. Go figure.



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Terrorism is a huge problem in the world. However, not so much because of all the “terrorists” or people who commit acts of violence in the creation of fear to fulfill something, but the susceptibility. It’s so easy to terrorize anything, anyone, anywhere, and that’s the biggest problem. Even clowns are capable of doing so. For starters, think of all the susceptible places like, schools, businesses, trains, buses, city districts, big buildings, and even clubs. All the terrorists and tactics used by these “terrorists” were different, such as the weapons, methods and people, however, all of the places “terrorized” or even having the possibility, are places that hold the same qualities. They are largely populated at the same time. And what’s even more frightening, most, not all, are not by choice. School, businesses and districts for example, aren’t necessarily optional, which leads to populating the trains and buses involuntarily, which then only leaves limited time options for leisurely activities. That alone creates such susceptibility to terrorist plots. Simple logic can make the most inefficient “terrorist” pretty successful.


However, not showing up to school or work may eventually lead dealing with another group who commit acts of violence to fulfil something. This group is formally known as law enforcement. If you don’t show up to school or don’t pay what you’re supposed to, you just might be greeted by a group of men with guns. So all in all, it seems that there is no fight against “terror,” but for it. The first step in fighting anything is securing yourself. We (not just the US, but all countries) have seemed to skipped that step by maintaining susceptibility. The second step is identifying the threat. Well, according to the news and the several “terrorist” agencies developed over the years, anyone can be a threat. And the third step is fighting the threat. But you can’t fight without steps one and two. So how the fuck are we fighting “terrorism?” Why haven’t we reduced populations in the same places, reconstructed some of the times of meeting, or even, more inhumanely, bombed the shit out of the suspected “terrorist” areas? Wasn’t an atomic bomb dropped on non threatening people? Something doesn’t seem right. These security tactics only seem to be effective on people who have no intention of “terrorizing.” If anything has been solved, its that we’re now more preoccupied with searches and screenings as opposed to being blown up. If anything, getting blown to bits while waiting to be searched and screened in, again; involuntary lines we’re forced to stand on.


The last thing that makes this whole “terrorism” thing a problem, is the suspicion and capture of “terrorists.” Exactly, how is it possible that the Feds seem to know where, when, and by who, every “terrorist” plot occurs? Either, our “terrorists” are really fucking stupid, or we have a few geniuses left in this world. Both seem impossible, but aren’t completely cancelled out. Is somebody toying with us on little acts like on 42nd St. and surprising us with big one like on 9/11? Do “terrorists” only appear in turbans and beards? Somehow, we can’t solve murders that are 30 years old, but predict the planning of an organized attack, which takes some decent intelligence to pull off, by the way.


Again, the problem of susceptibility was and is not worked on. That’s the problem behind it all. If anything, we induce the likelihood of being “terrorized” more and more as we go to be with the crowd. We’re told everyone else is doing that, so we do it, and bam! If there were real unidentified “terrorists” threatening our ways of life, exactly, how are you going to single them out? It could be anybody. It could be you, it could be me, it could be people in the government, it could be Muslims, it could be Jews, it could be Christians, anyone. Perhaps, we’re not paying attention to the “terrorists” we can see, which are our own people who commit acts of violence to fulfill something that we bow down and obey. Then somehow, make us susceptible to attacks of “terror” by people we can’t see. The only problem that’s consistent is that terror is being used to justify “terror” and it’s done by indirectly forcing us into the middle of it. Another area of life where the words have become more meaningful than the idea. We are the meat in a terrorist sandwich.



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“Media,” is possibly the greatest known weapon of mass deception, or at least tied with religion. It does deserve a little bit of isolated attention. Not so much on the bullshit media delivers but how it delivers bullshit. It is simultaneously simple and genius, and deserves a little recognition. The media runs on only a few premises. The first is making people think other people are thinking what they want them to think. One more time, making people think other people are thinking what they want them to think. You notice many stories begin with a reference to some public opinion or outcry. And of course, an opinion you were never asked about, but they seem to have asked everyone else. This creates the credibility factor and hides there biased attempt to impose what they want you to think.


Their second premise is to focus on the wrong issues of issues. In other words, highlight the meaningless bullshit. For example, if a building collapses, and people die, the story will be concentrated on the victims, families, and the responders. The crying and the playing with human emotion seem to keep attention. However, what’s done is done and we haven’t figured out a way to overcome death. So reporting it 9000 times isn’t helping anything. The real importance might be how to prevent a building collapse, how to identify problems that lead to a collapse, or just plainly, what can we learn not to make the same mistake. They do mention some things, but it’s not the concentration and deters any useful information. This method of highlighting unimportant parts actually keeps the media in business. As long as there’s no prevention, there’s always something to report. And of course, keeps the establishment rich with ignorant tools; those tools being us.


After highlighting the bullshit, comes a third, yet smaller premise, which is chiming on the exceptions instead of the norm. For example, you may hear a story about a man who strangled his wife, kidnapped the children, and drove into a river. It happens, however, it’s not the norm, it’s an exception. Every guy doesn’t do that. But you will hear that story around the clock, and see it in every newspaper. You will never hear about the guy who came home from work, talked to his kids and got screamed at by his wife for leaving the toilet seat up. That, my friends, is the norm. But focusing on the exceptions works wonders because hearing it over and over subconsciously embeds the idea that the world is full of crazy, bad people, which generates distrust, and a need for enforcement. Furthermore, a need to have a source to keep us updated on these exceptions.


A fourth premise they thrive on is presentation. If you’re reading this, you should have wondered by now, how it’s possible that news shows seem to find the dumbest possible fucking people possible to represent the public opinion. Interviewees always state the obvious and they’re always cut short of their next sentence. It’s by design. Again, the repetition, in this case of idiot speakers, will embed subconsciously. Remember that the media is owned by one source and each channel or any other outlet is simply just a different window looking out the same side of a building. There’s different angles, but the same view.


And lastly, the most sophisticated approach to controlling information, is simply distracting the viewers from the present. Pay attention to how may times there’s references to the past, what’s coming up, advertisements, sports, entertainment, weather, tributes and just side talk. There may be a grand total of 22 minutes worth of news in the whole hour when you take out all of the other irrelevant parts of the show. Combined with the premises just mentioned, you may get an actual 10 minutes of solid information. And that 10 minutes might have something to do with “now” compared to the other 50 minutes of bullshit. Media works hard to make sure citizens stay well uninformed so stay tuned.

By the way, I have one question…why exactly is it so important to “stay informed” on matters you don’t have a stake in? Could it be someone wants you to be informed on anything other than yourself?


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Am I the only one who finds this whole, wearing a glove while making someone’s food, insulting? I know, it’s a prevention against spreading germs and diseases. However, while watching the news, every other story seems to be about a potential disease or health threat. These gloves don’t seem to be working. It’s like putting a band-aid on a broken bone; it doesn’t work, leave it alone, it will heal itself. Like everything else in life, more exposure, the stronger; the body and every living thing is a self healing module. But that’s not why it’s degrading. 

Here’s my point. First off, the very idea about grabbing a pair of rubber gloves to make my sandwich, clearly implies that you’re assuming that I’m one of these pussified, germ freaks. I don’t like the stereotype. In that case, do you put your hands up every time a black person walks by, same difference. We’re not all pussies when it comes to bacteria and viruses. They’re the reason I rarely get sick now. 

Which brings me to my second reason, your helping to weaken and kill me. Our immune system has been so “sanitized” that every time we intake a germ, virus, or even a fucking spec of dirt, we’re at the hospital being diagnosed with what was once a cold, but is now cancer, because my immune system is shot from lack of exposure. Then there’s more medical bills, and more medicine to destroy the immune system even further. So theoretically, it’s a sophisticated form of murder, or at least attempted murder. 

And lastly, how the fuck do you put the gloves on your hands? With your hands! The hands you don’t want touching my food. So once again, epic fail. So scratch your balls, pick your nose, miss while you’re wiping your ass, we all do, and I’m fine with that. Fuck these pussies who think they’re too good for bacteria. But when you’re done, skip the gloves and make my sandwich! And please, throw some onions and garlic on there. Nature’s medicine is much more effective and cheaper than mans medicine. Thank you and come again.



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I saw something amusing on the show “Cops.” Cops responded to a guy who was in a store, causing a minor disturbance, screaming (if that’s a disturbance) about the ATM not giving him his money. Obviously, this wasn’t in the city, but one of those 12th Century, suburban towns in the Mid-West. However, The cops said he had to leave, and he carried on about his money lost. He took one step backwards, and the cops beat the ever living shit out of him, one cop stuck his knee in the back of his neck, the other cuffed him, and dragged him out, literally, to the cop car, and called that resisting. When they got to the car, the cops mashed him against the window pane of the car door. The man was screaming “Stop, get off of me, let me go!” and here was the cops’ response. “Sir, you need to calm down,” in a very monotone, sullen voice. What the fuck is that? They just beat the shit out of the guy, basically kidnapped him, vexed the guy, and then had the audacity to say “calm down.” And in case you’re wondering, this guy was white. However, why did I find this amusing? Because from childhood, these are the group of men that help us and uphold the law. Did you ever notice, that laws aren’t what maintain order, it’s the men with guns who enforce the laws that maintain order?


Did you ever ask yourself how cops are supposed to protect everyone, and keep order? If someone else is threatening you, they have to go against someone. And if they’re going against someone, they’re not protecting “everyone.” What if they’re looking for a suspect, and you fit the description, or you’re just black? Are they protecting you? And if they’re looking for a suspect, they did a pretty shitty job of protecting. Shit a suspect means, that a crime has been committed and wasn’t prevented, therefore they didn’t protect. And moreover, they’re now searching, so they have lost order. Isn’t order knowing where everything is?


And another thing, there’s something around 20,000 people for every one cop. Even worse, when there’s a crime scene, you’ll see 15 cops there, probably because it’s a union and unions need 15 people to do a one man job. If 15 cops are distracted with one incident, now there’s about 300,000 without police protection. Hopefully, a crime doesn’t occur within minutes of each other. I mean the terrorist plots are nicely spread out, time wise, so we always magically have dedicated Homeland Security agents available to capture another terrorist in a white turban and a beard.


There’s something else that’s a bit mind boggling. In NYC there’s a $10,000 reward for information about a “cop shot” but anyone else is just 555-TIPS…what the fuck is that? Cops carry guns too! Perhaps, it’s more important to protect the people that pose a threat to people. What exactly is the reward if a cop shoots someone else, better yet, is there even a reward posted? Seems like someone’s pulling our pricks about who’s really important, and who’s protecting who.


And there’s one last thing on this topic of cops that’s really bothersome. Police officers are not born that way, it’s a job pursuit with a hiring and  a training process. It’s a complete choice to be a cop. It isn’t much of a choice to be a race…However, Michael Jackson did find a way… This whole “lives matter” bullshit shouldn’t apply to cops, not even remotely. “Blacklivesmatter, alllivesmatter” is understandable, stupid, but understandable; but “bluelivesmatter?” Who the fuck was born blue? Who was born with a badge? 

This is a bit off topic, but regarding the "alllivesmatter" movement. If everything that has ever lived, died, and everything that is living will die, what matters? It's not the most sentimental thing to acknowledge, but we are going to die. And even more unstentimental is that after we die, nothing on this planet will matter to us. Even if reincarnation is valid, (a little illogical taking into account population increases), it will be a whole new set of matters, one of a new body and mind.

In any event, the soul purpose of the police and other enforcement agencies is just that; enforcement. They aren't their for service to us because we didn't make the rules they follow. They follow the orders of the state, and the state pays their salary, we don't. We pay taxes to the state, or more realistically, the state takes our money and gives it their causes. And with the help of the police, the state is able to practice customs which are not practicable by us. If we take someone against their will, trap them in a room, and don't let them go without paying a ransom, it's called kidnapping, holding hostage, and blackmale-criminal. On the other hand, if done by members of the state, it's called arresting, detaining, and bail-justice. If you hit someone, it's called assault. If a member of the state hits some one, it's called enforcement. If you take something that doesn't belong to you, it's called theft, but if a member of the state takes something from you, it's called confiscation. If you or I kill someone, it's called homicide (with sub categories like murder or manslaughter). If the state does it, it's called capital punishment.

These examples are precisely a concept known as double thought, coined by George Orwell, where believing something is right and wrong at the same time. If the phrase "actions speak louder than words" were ever more present, it can be identified with the police, military, secrity agencies, and any imposed dicatorships. Words carry a heavy wieght of relaying meaning, but the eyes and ears will always be more powerful. If one's willing to accept their ability to interpret as opposed to accept someone else's ability to use words, reality becomes more apparent. 

To conclude, every persons untimate goal and achievement is to be free and independent. And if people are free and independent, it becomes impossible for other people to use them. So the police, jails, and sytems are their to prevent freedom and independence so whoever holds economic control doesn't lose it. A police man feeds his family by making sure you follow the will of the corporate master. So they have the right to remain violent.



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Is the phrase “common sense isn’t all that common any more” getting annoying? As if it were ever a desirable reality to begin with. People use the phrase common sense to complain their own selfish needs aren’t being met, like when they’re cut off in traffic, it wasn’t you driving too slow or hesitating, it was the other guy just being in a rush; he’s stupid and has no common sense. “What the fuck, you don’t see me you fucking idiot!?”… Sure he saw you, if anything he used common sense to cut you off to prevent his ride from being slowed down. Shit “common sense,” got him in front of you. Have you no common sense?


Common sense, by definition, is “a basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge things that is shared by nearly, all people and can reasonably be expected of nearly, all people without need for debate.” Sounds solid, sounds understandable, appears to be meaningful, and the idea is complete bullshit, if the focus isn’t on something we all sense the same, not just one person or a few people. And a reasonable person might agree, we all have our basic senses both physical and metaphysical that are common. But what we do with those senses are not common and if they are, the list of things they’re used in common for is very limited. We all may see the same image, but everyone will see what the image can be used for differently, and that’s the greater point. Too much pretentiousness is levied into this phrase “common sense.”


For starters, let’s erase the inflated traditional value of Thomas Payne’s Pamphlet, “Common Sense.” If it was valid for anything it was moving for persuading people to move from the control of one group to the other. If it wasn’t, this wouldn’t be a topic you’re reading about. More importantly, something that’s continually failed to do, let’s examine the phrase. The adjective “common” describes something that mostly occurs, or is prevalent. Water is common in NY, water is not common in Death Valley. It’s not arguable, and even predictable. Senses will explain that without words. Even plants know that, that’s why they don’t grow out there. However, if someone might use sense to bring water to death valley, which would be having sense to understand piping a water flow from a water source. That’s not common sense, that’s fulfilling a personal purpose. Everyone isn’t doing that. But, knowing everyone isn’t doing that, is closer to common sense.


So when you put the words together, you have something that frequently occurs that everyone knows. It’s not that we all want the same thing. I could give a fuck less if water ever gets to Death Valley. It also doesn’t mean that we all should know the same thing either. Driving in NYC incorporates different uses of your senses than driving in the rest of the world. Almost all states have a sign that specify no turning on red, in NY it’s the opposite. If you’ve never been to NYC, how the fuck would you know that? That’s not common sense. That’s just exposure, and likewise a person being from NYC, waiting like a jackass, to make a right turn at a red light elsewhere. Exposure and what was learned… it has nothing to do with common sense!


There are things that we know we think all people should know, fine. That’s not common sense, that’s common knowledge. Sense is something you’re born with, knowledge is something you’re taught. There’s a distinction. Although it maybe a petty depiction of words, tossing around “common sense” reflects the very lack of common sense, the users of the term has. If common sense were anything at this point, it would be thinking everyone should think like and accommodate them. Common sense was written with the intention of us avoiding the control of other people’s standards, and that we’re capable of figuring shit out on our own. Now, people want to use the phrase “common sense” to control people by their own standards, accusing people of not being able to figure shit out on their own. That’s called controlling people, something we are commonly against, but commonly want to do. However, many don’t sense that’s what they’re doing. Perhaps, the appropriate term is “common senseless.”


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It may be a bit outrageous to say you shouldn’t care what other people think. If a person doesn’t like and thinks you’re complete asshole, and possibly wants to kill you there of…I’d be a little concerned what’s thought about me at that point. If you’ve ever been pulled over, or questioned about something you may or may have not done wrong, caring what the other person thinks is crucial. Especially, if there’s a penalty. Not caring what other people think is bullshit. Celebrity, politicians, or businessmen, teachers, and anyone who has to answer to someone was successful by caring what people think. However, that seems to be the problem. Not caring what meaningful people think, and especially, caring what people who don’t have meaning to you think.


People will sacrifice their self respect by doing things for people who have no respect for them to lose respect from people who already have respect for them. Someone will go to the police and confess the guilt of their friends, who trusted them to do the act with. Doesn’t seem worthy of respect. Many celebrities promote drugs, alcohol and sex, things a parent will tell their kids are bad, but the kid will resort to drugs, alcohol and sex…not too respectable. And not just to target kids, an agency of estranged people will declare it wrong to excessively hit your children. However, some kids excessively don’t listen, but the parents will oblige, spare the rod, and spoil the child. What respect does anyone owe to that?


What’s worse is that people that hold meaning to us, are treated as if they didn’t. How often does someone you already know, barite you for making a mistake as if you intended to fuck up? How often do you barite someone you know as if they intended to fuck up? Have you ever just met someone who made a mistake and are willing offer your help with no criticism? As a matter a fact, the more you know someone, the more intolerably dumber they get. When we don’t know someone, somehow, a high regard, with the expectation of “perfect” is set before them, in most cases. And slowly, as you acquaint, they slowly become more full of shit. Here’s the problem, we set the standards for them, and continually blame them for not meeting it. It’s so rambunctious, that we tend to judge a person based on their title, and not them. Trust me, Priests, teachers, and even school nerds want to get laid, get angry, and have shortcomings too. Our expectations, made by us, or told to us, either way, lead us to a depression blamed on someone else for, based on what we thought about them.


This whole, caring what people think bullshit, has been “overthunk!” The whole point is caring what the person who means something to you thinks, not what strangers say you ought to think. And usually, what you should think about other people, is set by people you don’t know…just turn on the TV or listen to a talk show on the radio. That’s the cause of depression, when conditions don’t meet what you thought they would. Yet another reality, disguised by the bullshit, to get people to think what they’re wanted to think.



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Graduation rates are interesting. Usually, the lower the graduation rate, the higher the crime, drug, and fertility rates. Are people who drop out of school only capable of violence, getting high, and fucking? Doesn’t sound realistic. Einstein didn’t go on shooting sprees. George Carlin didn’t have 16 kids. Apparently, Abraham Lincoln was a victim of violence. And that’s another thing, why are some self-educated and some drop outs? However, if there’s one thing they all have in common, they didn’t bend to the will of the corporate master, and that’s the larger point.


For starters, to attend school, you must be vaccinated. You can opt out, but you still have to take tests around others, so you’re still deemed a threat. Secondly, if you don’t attend, the consequences will destroy your whole family (no need for explanations, don’t send your kids to school and watch what happens). And lastly, schools distribute the most ridiculous, irrelevant assignments for us to complete. They serve no practical purpose in our daily lives. Tasks such as, understanding poetry in a world of legal language. Testing on what happened hundreds and thousands or years ago, but not now. Learning about split cells you would need a thousand dollar microscope to see, but not gardening that would just be a couple of bucks for a container and some seeds. And math with no numbers, what the fuck is that? But we do them!


The worst part of it all, we are all taught to think, act, and behave the same. After all, we are all being graded the same. We might complain, but do comply. Then made to feel proud for a handwritten, or typed piece of paper, with fancy, old-English text that says “Graduate” with a signature you can’t read, followed by an artificially, inflated title. I don’t exactly want the same mentality working on my car as working on my body. “These fucking intestines are in the way, pull them the fuck out, we’ll get new ones”…Fuck that!


Perhaps a more appropriate term for “Graduate” is “Achieved Conformist” because that’s what has actually happened. The person who went through school, surrendered all of their natural impulses in exchange for doing what they were told, thinking what they were told, and behaving as told. If we rid the euphemisms, a “Graduate” can simply be labeled as a “Fool” or “Stupid,” depending on how hard they worked for that degree. A fool doesn’t really know better, but someone who’s stupid, knows better and does otherwise.


So out of curiosity, are graduations rates really a mark of intelligence? Or, are graduation rates really a tally of how many foolish, stupid, conformist people are available to bend to the will of the corporate masters?


Looking for Heroes in all the Wrong Places

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In just about any classroom, news report, commemoration speech, public address, or even at a bar in conversation with a guy on his 9th shot of Jack Daniel’s, you’ll often be reminded that cops, firefighters and soldiers are heroes, risking their lives everyday. Bull-fucking-shit. Maybe at times they’re in a predicament that can be life threatening, well, so am I, often times by cops. Fuck that. They’re equipped. Soldiers, well, what exactly did you enlist in the military to do? Obviously not to plant pumpkins. Besides, most of the time they’re sitting around, patrolling, playing cards at the stationhouse, playing on their phones, filling out reports, or harassing the working man. Get the fuck out of here! Any person who willingly risks their life for the sake of another’s safety is a hero. It’s not a title, it’s an action. That belongs to individuals. If I save someone from a burning, 50 story building, I don’t want the deeds of my heroic act lumped together with the rest of the slackers who stood-by, occasionally asking “are you okay,” watching the show. That’s not fair. That’s like crediting the father for going through labor with the mother. And once again, they’re doing their job, and they have insurance for it.


I’m going to tell you who the real heroes are that are actually risking their lives for us. Those construction workers, dangling by harnesses, building those bridges, so we can go see our side chicks in a different city. Those are the guys risking their lives. Mineworkers, tunnel workers, building workers; they risk their live for us daily. What’s their defense against gravity? A measly, little bungee cord that can snap? An explosion, a tunnel collapse, or even falling debris?...a fucking safety helmet? Steal toe boots? I’m sorry, but a reflective vest doesn’t mean shit to an I beam falling from heights. Even road workers are due some respect. They don’t accomplish much, but a concrete divider or a plastic orange cone is no defense against a 65 MPH tractor trailer.


And another group I hate to mention; teachers. Some kids are fucking psycho! Not all of them, but a lot of them. That’s risking your life. Cops, military men, and firefighters? Fuck them, they have equipment. But teachers, fuck bringing a knife to gunfight, that’s like bringing a needle to a bomb fight. Those brainwashing nitwits do risk their lives to protect our kids. Can’t take that away from them.


It seems that praise for heroes is directed in a very wrongful direction. I do praise the people who actually do risk their lives for us everyday so I can sit in traffic over the Verrazano Bridge, looking at the real heroes, while listening to the radio announcers talking about all the artificial ones.


Abusing Abuse

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Abuse is defined as the overuse of something that results in harm. Child Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, Drug Abuse, Domestic Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Police Abuse, are crimes in most cases…but only if it’s done by an individual. If it’s done by a group, like a corporation or government, then, not so much a crime, it’s justice.


Let’s start with child abuse, if a parent excessively hits, excessively degrades verbally, or even excessively fails to provide, it constitutes as a crime, punishable by law. The idea being, excessively putting them into an uncomfortable condition by threat or force. But if they are forced to go to a facility, to be around peers who may or may not be a threat, (Columbine ring a bell?), and made to do work that may or may not be useful, with the threat of being disciplined, or a failure, and testing them several times to make sure they’re meeting the standards forced upon them, is not abuse? What the fuck, a kid has to go through this 12 times and even more if they go to college. In fact, it’s punishable for parents if they don’t make their children follow through with “education.” So the parent can’t do the abusing only the system can?


Abuse doesn’t just lend itself to children but other family members as well. Excessively beating the shit out of your spouse is punishable as well. If someone else does it, it’s assault, but if an organization does it, like the police, it’s “maintaining order” or “detaining the suspect.” The conditions of abuse don’t seem to change, just the names of the condition.


How about drugs? If you overuse drugs, you are a drug abuser or an attic, in many cases punishable by law (who the fuck is law by the way?). Especially, if only supplied by one person. However, if you go to a group of suppliers, such as doctors or pharmacists, it’s quite acceptable, and in fact, if you are abusing “medication” you can get other medication to abuse to stop abuse of the your current medication. Once again, abuse only renders wrong if it’s done individually, not by the organization.


And lastly, on the subject of abuse, the state. If a common person has something against you, they may either assault you, rob you kidnap you, hold you hostage, maybe even at ransom, torture you, or possibly murder you. But when it’s a group of men, and there’s a charge against you, they may take action to restrain you, arrest you, possess your belongings, detain you, set a bail, interrogate you, and if agreed, sentence an execution. Hmmm, same ideas just different names.


I guess abuse isn’t associated with action, just the words. Perhaps it’s better to die due to “negligent homicide” instead of “murder in the second degree.” Perhaps it’s much safer to be “prescribed medication” than it is to be a “drug attic.” I guess it’s only right to be disciplined by my teacher rather than get the shit knocked out of me by my father. And it’s definitely appropriate for anyone who kidnaps and holds someone hostage at ransom to be arrested and detained with a set bail. But still, we need to worry about people who “abuse the system” and not people who receive “government aid.”


Oh, I forgot to mention sexual abuse. That one makes sense. It’s not right to touch anyone without permission. Unless of course, you’re a Priest, Officer, or any member of an established group. Then it’s not sexual abuse, it’s just a sex crime.



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What is this obsession with respecting people based on their titles? I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard “respect authority.” They say respect the police because they’re protecting our community. Last I checked, police rank just as high in murders as criminals. Secondly, they're not protecting anything if people are still victims of crimes. Maybe they investigate, maybe they note it, maybe they even capture someone after the fact, but sure is hell not protecting. Doesn’t protection mean prevention from harm. If people are still getting harmed, let alone by the police, someone’s not doing their job. . Actually, just going about daily business, such as driving, the police seem to be the biggest threat of being harmed. They are even validated by another group of people working together to control everyone, in kidnapping, or to be politically correct, “arresting you” and putting you into a cage or “facility,” making us the only species that puts its own species into a cage. Where the fuck is the respect in that?


Teachers are another group we’re taught to respect. For what? The jobs they do? Helping along the indoctrination of the young to obey a system that will eventually control their mind, body, and soul? If you have a job with a strict schedule, a handbook of rules, and set standards to follow that your livelihood depends on, this should be apparent. Next time you’re tired but force yourself to get up because you went to school for so many years, have loans to pay, and don’t want to have all that time wasted, consider it a hint. Some deserve respect, but not because they’re teachers. Individually, the actions of helping someone through difficult times isn’t rendered in teaching, that’s being human, and that lends itself to everyone. Also, there’s too much title inflation-teachers, educators, pedagogues, child mentors; how about institutional mentality enhancers? I think it’s more appropriate to say have mercy on anyone who gave up their souls to guide you into giving up yours. Assignments are ridiculous, irrelevant, and meaningless in most classrooms. But you may only pass his/her level if you bend to doing them. If not, try again, at least until you’re 21. Well, I’ll respect them until I’m 21 then.


Judges are another group of jerk-offs that are mandatorily respected. First off, if you don’t, there’s a little penalty called contempt of court, a euphemism for “held hostage.” Here’s the logic though, a man or a woman, or transgender, who has nothing to do with your life, wasn’t present in the situation being addressed, and probably no relation to the situation at hand, is made to determine your fate, based on the phrase “guilty of… “ Here’s a person who is taking charge of nature. Upholding laws made by people who need to control human behavior so it doesn’t interfere with their control experiments. Furthermore, a system which makes it a crime to take care of yourself based on the judgement of the person who would know best…yourself. Fuck them. What respect can they possibly deserve?


I’m not sure about the rest of the world, but in NYC bus drivers carry a 7 year imprisonment penalty if you touch them. Not teachers, not cops, not even clergymen…bus drivers. This doesn’t deserve an explanation. If it does, you’re probably a bus driver. All I can say is if you’re a bus driver, you had to pursue that job. You can’t be forced into getting a CDL, Passenger Endorsement, testing, and applying. Drive the bus and shut the fuck up! If you don’t like it, let me off here!


And this whole idea of respect lends itself to people you shouldn’t respect, like drug dealers. Why? You pay doctors to prescribe drugs that kill. They get paid well for it too. Shit, they treat cancer with the same thing that causes cancer; radiation! What the fuck is that? At least the drug lords don’t bullshit you into believing what they’re selling you is good for you. They’re pretty blunt (pardon the pun). And you don’t have to slave away for medical benefits to get them. And the only referral you need is a friend. I can respect that.



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Dear Older Generations,


Stop telling younger generations how much better you were! And stop blaming younger generations for your mistakes! First of all, who is responsible for raising them? Next here’s a few reasons YOU (the older) fucked up the younger generation.

-Who told you to have so many kids per family? Now we’re overpopulated.

-Who told you to be overly sanitized and weaken the functions of the immune system? Now we’re overrun with diseases and health costs.

-Who told you to surrender yourselves to unions, let them take care of you and run your life? Now entrepreneurship is impossible.

-Who told you to buy kids phones and gadgets? That’s why they’re fat and don’t go outside, they don’t know an alternative to electronics.

-Who told you to buy from and work for big corporations? Now everyone depends on them you’ve empowered them with your support!

-Who told you to keep paying regardless of price increases? Now there’s no alternatives.

-Who told you had to live by others expectation, instead of living by your own? Now everyone must bend to the will of “Expectations.”

-Lastly, who told you to do what everyone else was doing? Monkey see, monkey do, and then you criticize the young for doing that too.


PS. You’re heroes from your time were only political figures and entertainers, just like the heroes you criticize the young for having. They didn’t impact us at all. If they did, they helped prepare a fucked up road for succeeding generations. Look where we are now. You gave up your individuality in exchange for obedience to corporations/authorities. And thanks to you, every time the younger person tries to be themselves, they’re repressed because you laid the foundation for the establishment to rightfully bend everyone to their will. That’s the tradition you’ve passed down!


PPS: Just in case you wondered this is why your kids don’t respect you!



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I don’t think you’ll ever find two identical individuals, at least I never have, not even twins. One has a higher voice, one is slightly taller, and most commonly, each will have a differently placed mole to distinguish them. We have all kinds of differences…race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, sexuality, orientation, eye-color, eye-shape, hair color, hair length, hair texture, height, voice frequency, hand-shape, foot-shape, lip size, lip color, joint size, body hair, teeth, strength, boob size, dick size, fingernail shape, fingernail size, small ears, floppy ears, crippled, goofy, ugly, pretty, fat, skinny, built, normal sized, etc., etc. And even more interesting, different names. Each person responds to a different set of sound frequencies that trigger only their neurological and emotional response mechanisms. The sound of your mother’s voice screaming your name will feel completely different than any other person screaming your name.


However, we’re all classified as one species and share the common tread of being human. No matter the difference, we work together on this planet. Even when we work against each other, we still do it together. War is several people working together to hurt another group of people working together. We do this through one common bond; communication. Communication seems to be the most powerful tribute to our species, aside from the brain, thumb, and concept of the future; communication allows us to work together and not as separate entities. We can even communicate from thousands of miles away. Who else on this planet has that capability?


On the other hand, communication has it’s downfalls, ask a Russian speaking man for directions when you don’t speak Russian and you’ll swear he’s trying to spit on you. But if you don’t speak the same language, gestures and facial expressions are also forms of communication. Sometimes, it’s even beneficial not to speak the same language. Let’s say you’re married and make your way to the Dominican Republic by yourself, for business of course, and you meet a few young women, one who finds you attractive and visa verse. You can figure this out through eye contact and body language, and probably will be more successful at “making love” with her because you can’t verbally communicate, and don’t have to worry about lying. Shit, you can even moan “I don’t feel anything,” with a smile, and she’ll think you’re purely enjoying her company.


But what if she spoke your language and you had to worry about getting your story straight. You don’t necessarily want to lie because it’s immoral, you can’t tell the truth because that will blow your chances of getting laid. What can you do? Pardon the pun, but you can beat around the bush. Never say you’re married but don’t say you’re not. You may use a phrase like, “it’s complicated.” You may also say “I’m seeing someone, but nothing serious,” However, you won’t say “I’m married but I want to bang you!” That probably won’t work. Language is also good for obscuring ideas to influence an outcome. The selection of words offer excellent options. Tell a woman she’s “immaculately gorgeous” as opposed to “pretty,” and you might find a different reaction.


When you’re a kid you’re good at twisting ideas. You’ll look for some sort of inconsistency from what the adult said previously and begin a sentence with “but didn’t you say…”. And you will most likely hear “you’re missing the point.” That my friend, is a great power of language, to miss the point. Why? For the very same reason you told that woman “it’s complicated.” So it’s easier to screw or get screwed. Watch or read a few commercials. You will hear a lot of empty, meaningless, obscured, descriptive words that don’t really define anything, except sounding good, but offer no promises.

Watch a television show, and as soon as a moment in the show is about to happen –”this portion of programming has been brought to you by…” “stop by and pick up a genuine, brand new, deluxe, luxurious, premium, quality-assured, efficient, guaranteed, no money down, economical, green, fast, easy to purchase, award-winning, product of the century, that’s just right for you!”- not one of these terms, or phrases, have any solid meaning and are completely open to chance. All we know is that they mean something that’s supposed to be good.


We’re taught how to use these words, but we’re taught that words are used to enhance speech, not bullshit; SYNONYMS and EUPHEMISMS. Synonyms, words with similar meanings, and Euphemisms, nicer ways of presenting harsh realities, offer sophisticated ways to bullshit people. Synonyms have created more ways to argue over the same idea, or concept, or principle, or thought, or notion, or theory, or interpretation, or perception, or opinion, or conclusion… to the point there’s more words than ideas, which clog the idea. Euphemisms are a way to say “fuck you” with a smile. Instead of a person being “ugly,” they can be “blemished” You also don’t have to worry about “taking a shit,” you may simply “use the restroom.” And if you ever get shit-faced drunk and you don’t want your parents or your spouse to find out, you can just tell them you were “tired and emotional.” And one more, if you were ever doing drugs and you get caught, relax! You don’t have to worry, you’re not a “junkie” or “drug attic” who may go to “jail,” you’re just a “victim of substance abuse” who just needs “rehabilitation.”


Our language has been inflated with euphemisms, synonyms, redundant phrases, words with obscured meanings, and several ways to hint, but never explain. As comedian, George Carlin put it “constipation has become occasional irregularity.” A good example of synonymous, euphemistic, obscured, redundancy, that doesn’t quite explain the problem. And I didn’t “steal” his line, I simply, “reused” it. Euphemisms and synonyms have disillusioned people into thinking conditions change simply by renaming the condition.


By default, language is at the forefront of bullshit, because it’s the initial way of receiving information. Overall, we use words to translate thoughts, and that is the foundation of being bullshitted. Instead of changing the action, you can simply change the words to justify the action. And as long as you get an “A” in the classroom for using the appropriate words presented to you, it will seem progressive. So instead of “reading this article,” you’re actually, examining the contents of this literature of modern vernacular of a contemporary issue. However, I suggest just reading the article.




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“Stay in school if you want to be successful.” “If at first you don’t succeed, pick yourself up and try again.” “The best revenge is success.” The word success has been flaunted at the forefront of every business, education, and advertisement lingo ever created. “Success starts here!” “Setting our students up for a future of success!”…shut the fuck up. Success just means accomplishing a goal. If my goal has nothing to do with your school, business, or whatever bullshit institution your using to make money off me is, it’s obviously not success. Actually that would be failure, because your institution interfered with my goal that didn’t include you. Leave this word alone, the idea has lost it’s genuineness. Success doesn’t have to be a life altering goal, it could be as simple as buying a doughnut. You have a sugar craze, you want a doughnut, you buy a doughnut, you eat the doughnut, and voila, success! Some tasks are more difficult, such as getting to spend a night with a model, but nevertheless, not life altering, but a success. Everyone’s success is different, it’s not a standard. A skinny person will not find it successful to lose weight. A woman who has to pee will not find it successful to find a men’s urinal. Leave this word to the individual and stop standardizing success!


On the other hand, advertising cratons are not the only ones abusing the idea of success. Anyone who interprets success beyond the realm of their own interpretation, but someone else’s, is just as full of shit. All the “guys” who need a sports car because all of their macho friends have one, ruin the meaning of success. How brilliant is it to have the most expensive showcase, that costs more unnecessary labor than needed, just to get somewhere? If your goal is to get laid, work at that. A car won’t get you laid, it may help, but so do showers, exercise, and cologne from time to time. Hookers also provide great possibilities. If your goal is to show you make money, walk around with your paystubs, or even better, post them on social media sites, fuck it, get a tattoo that just says it plainly, “I make a lot of money.” Material items don’t advertise success, they advertise that you’re the success of the advertisers.


Women too, actually, women mostly. Success doesn’t glitter outside of you, it glitters inside of you. Stop helping everyone being bullshitted into believing that material goods indicate success. To guys, that just means you have bomb pussy worth paying for. That’s not success either, that’s genetics. Success isn’t based off of genetics. Being a woman wasn’t a success, that was the result of your birth. Your birth was only a success to your parents; maybe. However, if your goal is to be a guy and you get a sex change, that my friend, is success. Success applies to your goals, not acquiring what Victoria Secrets says is the popular items to have. Doing what someone else wants you to do is not success, that’s being their “bitch.”


So I want to leave off with success is a beautiful thing that can only be applied individually. Succeeding is truly something only you can do, which is, achieving a goal that only you set. If you achieve the goals others set for you, that’s conforming, not succeeding. If you have similar goals to others, well, then make sure you achieve your portion. There’s nothing wrong with helping, but helping and doing for, are often misconstrued as well. The main goal everyone has is to be happy. Happiness comes when you get what you want. Even more so when you work for it. If you get what you want, you succeed, then you’re happy. Doing something you don’t want to or forced into by anybody will leave you miserable, not happy, also opposite of successful. And I do mean anybody, parents teachers, friends, spouse, etc. Fuck them. Success is one of the only words who’s standard definition is your standard definition. And one other thing, your definition doesn’t apply to others either. Keep success where it belongs, to yourself.



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A long time ago, a man who knew met another man who didn’t know. The man who already knew, told the man who didn’t know, what he already knew. Then something amazing happened. The man who didn’t know, now knew, and didn’t need the man who already knew anymore. Now they both knew and they were both equal. However, the man who already knew was mad that what he worked to know has now saved the man who didn’t know from working to know. The man who didn’t know was now independent of the man who already knew. The man who already knew had lost his dominance.


Later, another man who didn’t know, asked the man who already knew, but the man who already knew only told the man who didn’t know part of what he needed to know. And something better happened, the man who didn’t know, still needed the man who already knew. So the man who already knew, continued to only tell a part of what the man who didn’t know needed to know. But eventually, the man who didn’t know learned all he needed to know and stopped coming to the man who already knew. The man who didn’t know was finally independent of the man who already knew and the man who already knew, yet again, lost his dominance.


Finally, people stopped coming to the man who already knew, because now other men already knew. So out of loneliness, and a bit of jealousy, the man who already knew needed people who didn’t know, so he could become the only man who already knew again. Finally, he claimed there was something else to know that only he already knew and others didn’t know. This brought people who didn’t know back to the man that already knew. When he was asked what it was they didn’t know, he said it takes much work to know, and it if you know, you must work as I have worked to know. And out of curiosity, people worked for the man who already knew, and in exchange, the man who already knew, made up things to know that people didn’t need to know.


The man who already knew, lived well off of the people who didn’t know what they needed to know, but thought they needed to know. But of course, as everybody already knows, the day of his death came and many were left, not knowing, what they thought they needed to know but didn’t know because the man that had already knew died.


So what is it that the man already knew, everyone else needed to know? He already knew a secret is power to those who didn’t know.



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As a result of doing someone else’s work, their comes along another problem. A problem that is usually obliterated by some sort of disorder or classification of a crime. What this means is that, when you realize your self value has been reduced, instinctively you would try to increase it. However, trying to improve yourself value would mean embarking on someone else’s value, usually the person taking away yours, so it is stopped. For example, if you’ve ever been in school, and tried to help someone else with something, you may get one of two responses. One might be from the person you’re trying to help, which is I don’t need your help. Another might be from the teacher, who might say “go sit down and worry about your own work.” If you’ve ever worked in a union or corporation, you will discover “bureaucracy.” Meaning, only do the task assigned by your manager, nothing more, otherwise, you’re violating someone else’s work and defying your own. Sensibly, prying into someone else’s affairs seems, perhaps, obnoxious. However, instinctively, improvement is something everyone wants, whether internally or externally. Moreover, something you want for yourself, but the opportunity is constantly denied. You must bend to the will of the rules. Overtime, as you fail to make improvements, or at least experiment with different ways, this turns to reduction. Only being able to perform one way multiplies your reduction when you learn more ways of performing. So many available options and you’re only good enough to have one. You’ve been reduced.


Aside from only being left with one option, there is another depressive reality. You’re not special. You hold no value that anything or one depends on. Maybe for the time you hold the job, place, or are there, you might be of some significance, but overall, you’re easily replaceable. That is not a good feeling. If you’re contribution to anything has no weight, somewhere along the line that will effect your willingness to strive. Especially, if you’re barred from giving any meaning to whatever it is you are doing. So you wind up doing the same thing over and over. And to top it off, if you feel like stopping, there will be someone else to take your spot. You are being reused.


In turn, what’s the outcome? What exactly can you do? What exactly do you do? The hardest part is accepting your one option, whatever it may be, and letting all the other options waste away. You’re reduced to one “skill” no matter how many you have the capability to possess. The more skills you have, the more you’re reduced. And as this eats you up, you have to worry about the consequences of acting out against it. Anything that would include doing more than your supposed to, is immediately repressed with a negative consequence, such as a write up, termination, arrest, or labeled as a mental condition. There is one thing that seems to be allowed when acting out against reduction. We still have freedom of speech and opinion, well, to an extent. Even that has to be reduced in order not to violate the “reduction code.”


So in order to maintain our sanity, not feel so reduced, and maintain a flicker of integrity, we try to reduce someone else just below the point of our own reduction. Somehow in the school, work, or social world, someone else knows how to do something better than the person who has been assigned. Someone’s opinion is always stronger than the next. Or at the very least, someone always did it better than you are now. Anything, as long as no proof is involved. One person will criticize another, as long as they aren’t held to the same judgement. “As long as I don’t have to do that, I can say anything I want about how you’re doing that because there’s no way for you to comparativly reduce me, te he” However, when the criticizer is put into the same position, there’s silence and then breeds contempt. Then the cycle begins again. We’re reduced, reused and recylcled.