All for the Money

You hustle, you struggle, you tussle, use muscle

Use muzzles or knuckles, you must do

Nine to five’s, crimes or bribes, dimes or fives

But when the time arrives, it’s all about that money.

But this I have to keep real, money’s not evil It’s the people

who see bills and don’t believe will need skills.

If you’re stupid I’m selling my intelligence

If you’re useless, I telling you go to hell with it.

Do you really need money? Well, that’s irrelevant.

If you haven’t fell in it, well then you need intelligence.

Criminal minded or incredibly inclined with skill,

Skills make bills to pay the bills.

No matter how you break it up, you need a way to make the bucks.

Government will take a cut, pimp and rape you like a slut.

What’s the money worth? It’s just some paper and some ink.

Someone else’s talent, well that’s greater than you think.

Can you fix it, restore it, or even manufacture it?

Can build it or cure it? Hunt and gather it?

No! But it can sure as hell be purchased.

So without skills and talent, you’re money’s worthless.

Before you can be all for that money, you have to have something worth giving money for. If no one has anything to offer, then there’s nothing to buy or sell. Be skillful and worth something before you’re all about the money!